Selected clothing

I’m just loving the Selected line of clothing: nearly every piece is a classic with a twist – wearable, elegant and comfortable. Perfect for building that elusive capsule wardrobe. I’m even plotting if I can make recreations of some of these pieces myself… funny how when you start sewing you want to make everything yourself from now on.


I adore these elegant monochrome dresses. The first one looks like it’d be pretty easy to recreate – just a wrap with wide kimono sleeves, so no fastenings to worry about.


Little black dress made more interesting with texture and a low tied back. Again an easy elastic-waist shape to copy.


Sweatpants that are almost acceptable to wear outside – right? I definitely want to tackle sewing trousers soon, but crotches scare me.


Minimally cool waterfall blazer


Give me a perfect slouchy, slubby tee and I am a happy girl.


Interesting folded-bag texture print on this tee

The line’s available from ASOS and their own site in euros.

(Not sponsored, I just want it all!)