Plots & plans


With holidays over, we’re planning a few tweaks and improvements round the house at the moment.


We’ve been planning to paint the chimney breast a darker shade of grey for ages, and I think we’ve found a good grey (Little Greene’s Lead). I think the Photoshop mockup shows it will look pretty cool, and draw even more attention to the pretty fireplace.

We also need some new curtains made, as the current ones are too flimsy and I don’t really like the pattern any more. I really love the grey arrows fabric above right (from Spoonflower) but just weeping over the expense at 9 yards of it plus insulating lining right now.


This space is really bugging me at the moment. We’ve got quite a narrow walk-through past the kitchen breakfast bar to get into the living room, and at the moment it’s basically a dumping ground for coats, the hoover, recycling bags and so on. I’d like to make better use of it, and it would be useful to have a ledge of some sort there for dumping keys and post, but it can’t stick out too far or it will get constantly knocked. There’s also an ugly radiator in the way! Thinking a kitchen island/trolley of some sort but haven’t found any thin enough (sub-40cm). Any ideas?

I also want to paint the bit of wall on the left as you walk in (behind the bin) in a chalkboard paint, but can’t decide whether to go right up to the ceiling or cut it off where doorway ends.


Finally, a quicker win. I found these adorable push pins in Paperchase so I want to decorate an old corkboard to match them. I’ll either just paint it or cover it in a cute fabric.