Just Good Friday

September 12th 2014


1. We’ve just booked to go to Mexico (DF and Oaxaca) for Josh’s 30th next month and I am SO. EXCITED. Reading my chef-crush Rene Redzepi‘s impressions of the food in the NYT only fuels it further.
2. My very favourite Soho fabric shop, Cloth House, is now selling online. Gulp goes my bank balance.
3. Love this marble-print bedding from H&M – and it’s on sale! But would I keep it for the bed or harvest the fabric to sew with, hmm.
4. I’ve fallen for this sweet collaged pigeon print by Pui.
5. I love Artemis of Junkaholique’s hand-woven textiles. I really don’t need yet *another* hobby, but now a tiny weaving loom is calling my name…

Comments (2)

  • Katie B

    September 12th 2014 at 7:05 pm

    Now that is a tasty lot of Friday treats! The pigeon print is so lovely, and a trip to Mexico?? No wonder you’re so excited! Bring on the weekend! :)

  • Sarah

    October 3rd 2014 at 10:53 am

    Having finally caught up with Junkaholique the other day my Amazon & eBay history is full of weaving looms… I had one when I was little but the comb-y thing is broken, might have to bring it back from my parents’ house and attempt to fix it.
    I couldn’t work out for lots of the ones online if they could make something longer than the frame – on my old one you can unhook the bar that the first end of the work is attached to and roll up the work on it to give you more space.

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