2014 in pictures

Ibarra Salinas train

Time for my yearly wrap-up of photos, as I do every year (previous years here). This year has basically been brilliant for one main reason: TRAVEL. I’ve been extremely fortunate to visit Israel, Panama, Ecuador, Mexico and Paris – four new countries and four continents in a year is not bad going at all. Otherwise, 2014 has been an improvement on 2013 generally. Yoni has had the all-clear from the vet, there have been far fewer family/life dramas and work has been steady and fulfilling for the most part. 2015 is promising to kick off well too, with some fun work lined up, trips to Berlin and Barbados in the calendar, and my 30th birthday – and that’s just in January! Anyway, here’s the year that was…


January: I turned 29, celebrating with tasty food and drinks at Foxlow.

Dead sea

February: We went to Israel and hung out in the Dead Sea.

Panama: Guna Yala

March: Welcome to paradise – a dream trip to Panama.

Nat's flat

April: hung out at my sister’s new flat.

Cruz Loma

May: Head in the clouds in Ecuador.

Minerva meetup

June: When I wasn’t travelling this year, I was sewing. June saw a lovely trip up north with a bunch of sewists who’ve now become firm friends.

Tea at The Capital

July: taking afternoon tea in Knightsbridge with my mum.


August: Making the most of the UK summer and some welcome time on home soil, hopped to both Rye and Oxford.

Holly dress

September: The summer hadn’t given up yet, so plenty of trips to London Fields and its wildflower meadow.

Hierve al Agua

October: You might have noticed I went to Mexico?! I can’t believe it was two months ago already.


November: Not quite travelled out yet, a quick hop to Paris.

Tobacco cat

December: Hunkering down in a handmade coat, getting ready for winter.

We’re off to spend New Year with my family tomorrow, I hope you all have a good one too!