What’s doing?

Gosh, I’ve been really out of the blogging game lately. I had a bit of drama right after my last post, when I was trying to do some routine tidying up of my webspace and ended up corrupting the database and temporarily losing all of my posts from the last two years (your timely reminder to BACK UP REGULARLY).

It coincided with doing a bit of a mega apartment-cleanse during which I threw out half my clothes, dozens of old photos, payslips from my first job, cards, souvenirs, unused art supplies… so I started thinking maybe it was time to declutter digitally and let my blog go too. Would it even be missed? Who even reads blogs any more? I know I wouldn’t miss a lot of the side-effects of modern blogging – the endless irritating stream of irrelevant PR emails, the constant niggling obligation to blog even when I didn’t feel like it, and of course the stress of technical FUBARs.

Well, I managed to get the posts back which kind of made up my mind for me to at least get it all back online for now – the design‘s still a work in progress but I quite like the minimal aesthetic for now. More than anything I would have been sad to lose my travel posts, which basically function like my personal journal of the trips I take and are hopefully useful to anyone else who stumbles across them too. I’m still not really sure what path the blog will take next, but it’s almost reassuring to know it’s back and waiting for me if I do feel like writing.

Besides the tech fail, one of the main reasons for the hiatus is that I haven’t been doing much except working. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I hasten to add, because I’m loving my current job. I’m at Mastered, who create online fashion courses with some of the world’s best industry experts. (If you’re in, or looking to get into, make-up, nails or fashion design do go check them out!) I think for the first time ever I’m working with more women than men, and brilliant women at that whose enthusiasm, work spirit and general awesomeness is contagious. Plus I really believe in what they’re doing, so it’s been a pleasure to be involved.

Work aside I’ve been in general hibernation mode; I get terrible SAD and generally feel pretty dejected all winter. But now, it’s breaking: days are longer, it’s almost light when I leave work, there have even been a few spells of cardigan weather. I can feel my spirits lifting already, so hopefully that’ll encourage me to get out more and do some things worth writing about again.