✌️ Katie Marcus

More about me

I’m a hands-on senior product manager and product lead, currently working for a B2B Saas fashion supply chain startup, with previous roles spanning edtech, ecommerce, charities and museums. I have worked within startups, SMEs and enterprises at all stages of their lifecycle and am comfortable navigating rapid scale-up, growth and organisational change.

I am most happy working within fast-paced cross-functional teams, collaborating closely with designers, engineers and other disciplines to deliver impactful product improvements and capabilities. I see my role as enabling teams to succeed through leading value-driven prioritisation, building alignment and excitement towards our goals and facilitating clear communication and context between the team, the business and our customers.

I have a proven track record of managing complex software development from concept to launch, ability to drive iterative, metric-based improvements and experience of taking product to market to ensure it meets the needs of customers and users. I'm used to jumping between the granular and bigger picture: from scoping and writing engineering specifications to setting wider product direction based on business, user and market needs.

Within the product discipline, I am responsible for defining, owning and communicating product vision, strategy, roadmaps and progress to the company and to senior stakeholders. I am especially interested in agile working practices, and keen to drive continual improvement of working processes so teams feel autonomous, motivated, and informed.

Other bits and bobs...

I #weeknote and sporadically jot down other notes on product practice and startup culture on Medium. I have an even more sporadically updated travel/lifestyle blog here.

The last few books I have enjoyed: The Order of Time; Good Services; How to Change Your Mind. Find me on Goodreads here.

I sew most of my own clothes, for sustainability reasons as well as it being a great hands-on screen-off hobby. You can follow along at @whatkatiesews.