• Lettering workshop with Martina Flor

    May 21st 2014 katie

    A few weeks ago I spent a sunny Saturday taking a hand-lettering workshop with Berlin-based letterer Martina Flor of goodtype.co. It was held in a fab artists’ supply shop called Jackson’s which is about a ten minute walk from my home here in Stoke Newington. The class, generally aimed at creative types, was all about…

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  • Foxes quilt & my sister’s flat

    April 22nd 2014 katie

    My sister Natalie moved into her new flat a couple of weeks ago, and an Instagram I took went down well so I thought I’d share a few more photos, along with the housewarming gift I made her. I have house envy to be honest, it’s making me want to move and start over with…

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  • Boro at Somerset House

    April 12th 2014 katie

    Yesterday, a beautiful sunny spring day, Michelle and I went down to Somerset House to check out the Boro exhibition. To quote the website: Translated to ‘rags’ in English, boro is the collective name for items – usually clothing and bed covers – made by the poor, rural population of Japan who could not afford…

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  • DIY Christmas mantel and cards

    December 9th 2013 katie

    We didn’t get a tree this year – even a baby one in the garden centre was £30 and we really don’t have the space. So instead I just bought a couple of large fir branches (£2.50 each), popped them on the fireplace and adorned them with lights and baubles. I think it looks just…

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  • Crafting with Cricut

    November 27th 2013 katie

    Have you heard of Cricut? (Pronounced like ‘cricket’, not ‘cry-cut’, by the way.) They make at-home cutting machines for crafters and makers – it’s basically like a printer but with a blade, and you can cut a variety of materials to make loads of different projects. Cricut invited me along to an introductory day a…

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  • Starting to sew

    June 26th 2013 katie

    I know my blog’s been quite sewing-heavy recently, and I had a couple of comments asking how I got started and if I had any tips on where to begin. It’s kind of a tricky one to answer because sewing has been in my periphery for quite a few years and I can’t really remember…

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  • Pottery class with The Amazings

    June 18th 2013 katie

    I might be biased because I share a studio with them, but The Amazings is a fantastic startup with a creative and socially-aware bent. They offer classes, courses and workshops on subjects as diverse as woodworking, philosophy and bike maintenance, and all the teachers are 50-plus elders with amazing life experience. Last month I went…

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  • Recent sews and The Shop

    June 8th 2013 katie

    Firstly, thank you so much for all your comments and messages about Yoni. It was amazing to hear what a loved little cat he is from all corners of the internet, and hearing from you really did help me get through the days. He’s back home now, slowly getting used to normal life again with…

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  • Healing

    June 1st 2013 katie

    Well. If you follow me on twitter you’ll have seen that we’ve had an awful couple of weeks. I don’t really feel like talking much in depth about what happened, but in brief our little Yoni cat suffered a massive trauma, during treatment of which they found he had a rare blood type, an aggressive…

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  • Me-made May: jersey dress & raglan tee

    May 9th 2013 katie

    When I’m not working or pottering in the garden in the springlike weather (finally!) I’ve been spending every spare minute sew-sew-sewing. I’m fully loving my overlocker again, so both of this week’s makes are in jersey. Funnily enough, both patterns are from Dixie DIY too. This is the Dixie ballet dress, made in some charcoal…

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  • Me-Made May: Chambray Scout tee

    May 4th 2013 katie

    Not a week into the month and my first Me-Made May task is complete. And I’m calling it a success! Here’s my Marc-Jacobs-inspired woven chambray tee, made in just a day and happily worn already. It feels almost like I cheated since this make was such a breeze. The Scout tee pattern I used is…

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  • Me Made May

    April 29th 2013 katie

    I’ve signed up Me Made May! I heard about it via a lot of the sewing blogs I follow and it seemed a great way to encourage myself to continue with my fledging sewing hobby. The idea is to set yourself a handmade challenge and spend the month of May fulfilling it. It’s a fairly…

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  • DIY pottery with air dry clay

    April 21st 2013 katie

    Oh god. I have another craft crush. Making pots with air dry clay! I decided to give this a go after taking a fabulous beginner pottery class with The Amazings right here in Stoke Newington. I’ll share a bit more about the class once I’ve got my handiwork back – it’s being glazed and fired…

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