• Yee-haw letterpress

    July 7th 2011 katie

    Gorgeous traditional letterpress work from Knoxville-based Yee-haw Studio. I first spotted them in the Jack Daniel’s film above, and their Etsy shop contains so many printed wonders I’m having a hard time picking what to buy first… Share this entry with this shortURL: http://whatkatiedo.es/yeehaw

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  • Gocco class with Printed Wonders

    June 17th 2011 katie

    Help, I think I’m addicted to craft classes. There’s just something about spending an evening making a mess (in someone else’s space), learning a new skill, meeting lovely people, and coming home with some ace handmade goodies that I just can’t resist. There’s usually cake and/or wine involved too which always helps. My latest adventure…

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  • Silver clay class at London Jewellery School

    June 5th 2011 katie

    I was invited by the London Jewellery School to try out one of their taster classes, so I jumped at the chance to try working with precious metal clay (PMC). I’ve seen it around the internet and have been intrigued by the possibilities it offers to make jewellery in real silver without the need for…

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  • Print workshop with Yellow Owl

    May 20th 2011 katie

    I spent a fun Thursday lunchbreak in the local Urban Outfitters yesterday, taking a stamp-cutting workshop with Christine Schmidt of fabulous SF-based stationery and jewellery studio Yellow Owl Workshop. Christine was on hand giving tips and advice, as well as signing copies of her new book, Print Workshop, which covers all sorts of do-at-home printing…

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  • Moving photos

    May 1st 2011 katie

    It’s official, animated GIFs are having a renaissance. Traditionally associated with cheesy sparkly graphics and silly memes, the new wave of giffers are turning the humble format into works of higher art. Image: From Me to You Image: IWDRM Jamie Beck at From Me to You combines high-end editorial photography with subtle animation to intriguing…

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  • Maricor Maricar

    February 11th 2011 katie

    I always love to see a mash-up of traditional tactile craft skills with modern graphic design stylings, so I’m a whole lot in love with this work from Sydney-based studio Maricor Maricar. The satin-embroidered typographic pieces are particularly beautiful. Lovely papercuts and line-art illustration, too. Check out the rest of their portfolio and the shop…

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  • Quilted cushion

    January 29th 2011 katie

    Meet the fruits of my third class at The Make Lounge – a quilted log cabin cushion. Like the other classes I’ve done there, it was fun, relaxed and informative. The hardest part was choosing which fabrics to use – and sewing in a straight line after a glass or two of wine… I picked…

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  • DIY Cookie jar

    January 8th 2011 katie

    Here’s a little gift I made for my aunt for Christmas – a bake-it-yourself cookie jar. I got the idea from the excellent Bakerella but did my own measurements to fill my jar, and designed my own labels. Here’s the recipe if you’d like to make one (modified from this recipe). 160g light muscovado sugar160g…

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  • Handmade gifts

    November 22nd 2010 katie

    I realised with a bit of a shock the other day that my next paycheck has to stretch to both finish the house renovation (Phase One, anyway) and buy all my Christmas presents. Eeek! So I’ve decided to make a lot of cheap thoughtful gifts for my friends and family. Here are some ideas I’ve…

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  • Tin-tone guitars

    May 31st 2010 katie

    We were strolling down Stoke Newington Church Street on Sunday when Josh spotted this window filled with odd-looking handmade guitars. There was no shopfront but a buzzer labelled ‘Tin Tone Guitars’ on the door, so we buzzed and entered the family home-come-workshop belonging to Jon Free. Jon is a professional musician who also fixes old…

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  • Pokexhibition: Bantjes-inspired embroidery

    May 6th 2010 katie

    Last night Poke held the opening of our inaugural Pokexhibition – a rare glimpse into what Pokers get up to when they aren’t crafting web-type things on computers. We’re a diverse herd of makers with fine artists, monster makers and model boat builders in our midst so it was always going to be an interesting…

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  • Light leak Photoshop effect

    April 29th 2010 katie

    I’ve noticed lately that there’s a trend for photography with a dreamy washed-out rainbow effect which kind of apes a light-leaked film. I’m not generally a fan of faking the natural blips and errors that occur in 35mm film; it often looks overdone and obvious, but I just tried out this effect for fun. The…

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  • Dice patterns

    April 1st 2010 katie

    You know when you see an idea that’s so ingenious that you feel stupid and inferior for not thinking of it first? File these beautiful posters under that category. Made with dice using letterpress-style printing process, the pattern variations afforded by the dice combinations are almost endless. I love, I love. Buy on Etsy. Found…

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