• Failed crafts

    December 20th 2009 katie

    Despite being seen as a generally ‘crafty person’, there are two things I can’t do well at all: bake, and wrap presents. Baking, I suspect is because it’s a very precise practice more akin to science than art, and I tend to be a little slapdash in everything I do which doesn’t fare well with…

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  • Embroidered Christmas cards

    December 13th 2009 katie

    For more Christmas card craft ideas, click here After my first attempt at paper embroidery I decided to try the same technique to make some Christmas cards this year. Here’s how they came out: If you’d like to have a go, here’s a small photo tutorial. Create your designs, either hand-drawn or on the computer.…

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  • Cushions

    December 7th 2009 katie

    I made these cushions at the weekend using some of the fabric I bought in Japan. Very happy with them, they brighten up the living room! They’re simple envelope style like in this tutorial, if you fancy making some too.

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  • Make Do Mend – craft workshops

    November 27th 2009 katie

    Last night I went to the launch party of Make Do Mend, a new crafty workshop venture started by knitwear designer Claire and crocheter Bee. As well as those crafts, they also offer classes in sewing, jewellery, and cupcake decorating – to your own home or in a pretty venue. The launch party was held…

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  • Make Lounge – Rubber stamping

    November 18th 2009 katie

    I took my second class at the Make Lounge this weekend – a festive rubber stamping workshop led by Louise Best. Like the first class, it was a heap of fun as well as being very informative and creative. The process was easier than I expected, using the special tools to carve our designs into…

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  • DIY Fringed Sweater & What I Wore

    September 27th 2009 katie

    All the London Fashion Week chatter must have seeped into my brain a bit this week. First off, inspired by all the gothy textured looks seen on the catwalk and on the high street, I made this fringed top for autumn. As you can plainly see, it’s just made from a basic top from H&M,…

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  • Papercraft Keyboard Cat

    August 27th 2009 katie

    Since you’re on the internet right now, I presume you’re familar with Keyboard Cat. The musical little fella seems to have spawned something of a renaissance amongst the crafty community. From t-shirts to embroidery, the cult of the cat knows no bounds. One of my favourites is this adorable knitted puppet by natashafatele on Craftster.…

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  • My weekend

    August 24th 2009 katie

    It was a gorgeously sunny weekend here in London and I fully made the most of it. Saturday was the Bust Craftacular in Bethnal Green. I went over with some girls from my knitting group; it was an excellent event, probably the best craft fair I’ve been to. A lovely space, a brill pop-up tea…

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  • Travelling Moleskine

    August 14th 2009 katie

    I was recently asked by The Culture Vulture (a rather excellent website promoting cultual goings-on in Yorkshire) to take part in their Travelling Moleskine project. The concept is pretty simple: they send out dozens of Moleskine sketchbooks each with a theme, which the recipient then has to fill a page in, and pass on to…

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  • Constellation embroidery

    August 5th 2009 katie

    Oh gosh, I’m in love with these constellation embroideries by Jessica Marquez, aka Miniature Rhino on etsy. I’ve long been an extremely amateur astronomer (in that when I leave the smog of the city, I like to point out Orion and the Plough to anyone who’ll listen) and although I’m new to embroidery after my…

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  • Embroidery at The Make Lounge

    July 19th 2009 katie

    I took an embroidery class at The Make Lounge on Saturday morning, it was so much fun! If you’re not aware of it yet, the Make Lounge offers stylish contemporary craft classes from its Islington HQ; you can take a class in anything from beaded wire jewellery to cute crochet critters, or learn basic craft…

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  • When crafts collide: Crocheted jewellery

    June 22nd 2009 katie

    Firstly, a quick hello to new viewers/subscribers – I had an unexpected spike in traffic due to being featured on a few web design blogs lately, so hello and I hope you continue to visit! I love when different crafts collide – you usually end up with a really interesting and unique result. I stumbled…

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  • Present & Correct

    June 16th 2009 katie

    I found the very cute Present and Correct online store because they are guest blogging over at Design Sponge this week. They carry a tasty range of retro notebooks, cards and other goodies, and everything is either handmade or sourced from vintage suppliers all over the world. Plus the fact that they are graphic designers…

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