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2016 in pictures

Cute cat, just because

I missed doing my normal year in pictures review last year because it was generally a pretty terrible year for me personally and I didn’t have much to reflect on positively. I regret not doing it now though, because it’s a nice chance to look back both on the year that’s just happened and find the good even in a bad year, and over every year of my life. I’ve been doing it for seven years now, amazingly.

It’s fair to say that 2016 wasn’t a great year for the world generally (though many good things did happen amongst the horror headlines) but on a selfish note it was much better for me. I managed to do plenty of travelling and fun London things around holding down a full-time job for most of the year, my first after being freelance for the preceding three years. While I didn’t do that much blogging or photography with my real camera, I did manage to dig out a little highlight snap from each month. So here’s a slice of what my year looked like.

January: In what might become a new tradition, I took myself to Brighton for my birthday.

Feburary: A foodie weekend in Paris

March: Ran the Crystal Maze!

April: Got friendly with barn owls at Wildlife Drawing

May: Top eats in London – Padella and Clove Club

June: a jaunt to Sicily

July: A pretty crazy work trip to beautiful Iceland

August: We got a new sofa, which is the love of my life (and animal-approved)

September: We went back to NYC, and upstate to Hudson

October: Saw the Harry Potter play!

November: Silly Hallowe’en costumes

December: Back to Mexico! Which I’m just about to blog about…


Hello. I’m going to try something new here.

I think it’s been so long since I blogged that I have stage fright. The fear of the blank box with the blinking cursor. My camera sitting gathering dust rather than being faithfully dragged around. Things to say and not being sure where to start.

I started to feel like I needed to make posts in a certain way: crafted, longform, considered and edited.

It takes too long! And it’s a blocker to just throwing up what I’d like to share, right now.

So I’m going to try to start approaching this space differently.

Smaller updates, more often. Lightweight, less considered, more frequent (hopefully).

A place for when I have more to say than an Instagram or a tweet, but without the pressure of needing to be a writer, editor and photographer all in one.

Let’s see how it goes…

Underground, overground

St Paul's

Wow, it’s been umm, 3 months? Sorry about that. It’s hard to actually remember what I’ve spent all summer doing – working, sewing, and sleeping probably sums it up – but I’ve been pretty lax in doing stuff and taking my camera out to document it.

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Easter giveaway! Scout Edition pigeon print

win scout

I was very happy to get a sweet email from Pui, designer behind Scout Editions, after I featured their pigeon print a few months ago, to offer up a little giveaway.

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What’s doing?

Gosh, I’ve been really out of the blogging game lately. I had a bit of drama right after my last post, when I was trying to do some routine tidying up of my webspace and ended up corrupting the database and temporarily losing all of my posts from the last two years (your timely reminder to BACK UP REGULARLY).

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Just Good Friday


1. These surreal, 80s-inspired ‘motivational’ posters are brilliant, and you can buy them for your office walls here.
2. This Nessie ladle, having a whale of a time cruising round in your soup, is amazing. By Ototo.
3. Love The Smiths, love Peanuts, so this mashup gives me happy feels.
4. I don’t really follow fashion except to look for sewing ideas, but Valentino are killing it lately both in mens and womenswear. Gimme all the constellation-print stuff please.
5. This collection of Alexander Girard-designed fabrics is a riot of cheery colour.
6. I’ve been researching art as we want to upgrade some of our walls from a mishmash of street art and odd ephemera to something a bit more grown-up. This Whistler is just a bit out of budget but ever so beautiful. I’m using Artsy and saving ideas over here.

2014 in pictures

Ibarra Salinas train

Time for my yearly wrap-up of photos, as I do every year (previous years here). This year has basically been brilliant for one main reason: TRAVEL. I’ve been extremely fortunate to visit Israel, Panama, Ecuador, Mexico and Paris – four new countries and four continents in a year is not bad going at all. Otherwise, 2014 has been an improvement on 2013 generally. Yoni has had the all-clear from the vet, there have been far fewer family/life dramas and work has been steady and fulfilling for the most part. 2015 is promising to kick off well too, with some fun work lined up, trips to Berlin and Barbados in the calendar, and my 30th birthday – and that’s just in January! Anyway, here’s the year that was…

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Just Good Friday


OK, it’s not Friday, but just squeezing in a little post of prettiness before checking out for Christmas. Have a good one, everyone!

1. Artemis’s words on winter, nature, and being a good person without religion really resonated with me.
2. It’s a bit late for Christmas gifts, but keep this in the bag for another time. Yawn sent me a set of their luxury pyjamas and they’re absolutely lush for these cold nights. Plus they come in cat print! Get ’em here.
3. Merchant and Mills x Uniqlo is making my heart flutter! Only in Asia but I hear it might be coming to the UK early next year…
4. Zoe has been spreading a little London love with her #positivitypigeons project – how lovely?
5. Loving this triangley round rug, a maybe for my new sewing room…

Gratuitous cat update


It’s been a while since I posted about the cats! I snap photos of them every so often when they’re being extra-cute so thought I’d share some of them here.


Yoni is fully recovered from his ordeal over a year ago – he got an all-clear from the vet and no further issues since, which we’re so grateful about. It’s just possibly made him even more of a demanding diva than he was previously.

His favourite things are…


Looking ponderous while half-upside down.


His grey stripy cat friend and grey blanky

Fabric cat

Napping in my fabric stash


Napping while holding his tail


Napping rolled in a snail-like ball… napping anywhere really.


He still likes to potter outside but doesn’t venture as far any more.


Our cats are basically opposites in terms of personality – which might explain why they still don’t really get on at all. Lila is super laid-back and likes to tuck herself off in a lesser-used room (currently Josh’s study, often under the radiator in the hallway) and snooze to herself all evening. On the occasion she does want some attention, she raises her little paw in the air and purrs like crazy.

Her favourite things are…


Rolling around getting grubby


Chilling in plant pots


Wearing hats


Napping flat on her back, tail and paws in the air


Her rainbow. She also, less adorably, loves to pounce on fabric and pattern pieces when I’m sewing.

Ah cats. They keep life interesting at least!

In partnership with Argos Cat Insurance

Just Good Friday


1. This article about the ‘real’ history behind the Madewell brand is a fascinating and balanced long read.

2. Photos of Indian cinemas.

3. ‘At the turn of the century, Louis Wain became a household name as The Man Who Drew Cats’… I like him.

4. We had a brilliant dinner at Finks last weekend – the kind of neighbourhood restaurant you’d always want to live near.

5. Sewists recreate childhood clothes for their own daughters. My mum used to make matching clothes for my sister and me… maybe I should dig out some photos and try to remake them.