• Underground, overground

    October 2nd 2015 katie

    Wow, it’s been umm, 3 months? Sorry about that. It’s hard to actually remember what I’ve spent all summer doing – working, sewing, and sleeping probably sums it up – but I’ve been pretty lax in doing stuff and taking my camera out to document it.

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  • Alexandra Palace History tour

    August 5th 2014 katie

    A couple of weeks ago now, we went up to Alexandra Palace to take a history tour, which we quickly booked up after joining the email notification list. Perched atop a big hill overlooking North London, it’s not far from us though quite a shlep on a couple of twisty bus routes to get there.…

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  • Dalston House

    July 4th 2013 katie

    Dalston House is a new temporary art installation by Leandro Elrich in association with the Barbican Centre. It’s right by Dalston Junction station, a short walk from my house, so my sister and I jaunted down there the other day. The mind-bending installation is a perfect replica of a period house facade, laid out on…

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  • Spomeniks

    May 11th 2011 katie

    There’s something coldly beautiful about these Brutalist post-war concrete monuments (spomeniks), dotted around former Yugoslavia in Eastern Europe, painstakingly tracked down and photographed by Jan Kempenaers. See more of the series here, and there’s a great article on their creation and documentation here. Share this entry with this shortURL: http://whatkatiedo.es/spomeniks

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  • Barbican architecture tour

    October 25th 2010 katie

    We took a guided architecture tour of the Barbican estate at the weekend. Built in the 60s to provide post-war inner-city housing for the middle classes, it’s now home to 4,000 people – nearly half the population of the City of London borough. It’s perhaps now better known for the adjoining Arts Centre, opened in…

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