• Pick Me Up graphic arts show

    May 2nd 2010 katie

    Here are some photos from the Pick Me Up graphics arts show at Somerset House. Suffice to say it was a pretty definitive show of the best contemporary UK illustrators and designers. I felt visually drained – in a good way! – by the end. Hellovon Claire Scully Natsko Seki and Jess Wilson Evening Tweed…

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  • Art in East London

    April 11th 2010 katie

    It seems to be a busy time of year for excellent art exhibitions in my neck of the woods. Despite them all being within walking distance of work I hadn’t visited any yet, so this gloriously sunny weekend we took ourselves off on a touristy tour of the East. We ended up wandering from Angel…

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  • Dice patterns

    April 1st 2010 katie

    You know when you see an idea that’s so ingenious that you feel stupid and inferior for not thinking of it first? File these beautiful posters under that category. Made with dice using letterpress-style printing process, the pattern variations afforded by the dice combinations are almost endless. I love, I love. Buy on Etsy. Found…

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  • Daytripping in Bristol

    March 23rd 2010 katie

    So we made it over to Bristol on Saturday to check out the Across the Way show, amongst all the other little recommendations you guys gave me (thank you!). Unfortunately the weather was overcast and drizzly so we didn’t really fancy doing much leisurely strolling or cider-drinking, but we fitted a fair bit in. We…

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  • Across the Way: Exhibition

    February 25th 2010 katie

    I think I need to make a daytrip to Bristol to see this exhibition – a collaborative show between four artists/illustrators – Adam Hancher, Jack Hudson, Luke Jinks and Owen Gatley. A mix of folklore-inspired illustrations, papercutting, handpainted signage.. a dream show for me. Might as well make a day of it if I do…

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  • Kinetica Art Fair

    February 7th 2010 katie

    I popped over to the Kinetica Art Fair yesterday, armed with my E-P1 and crazy little CCTV lens. I figured the nature of the exhibition – motion-based installations mostly utilising light as a medium – would be a nice match for this cheap but fast little lens. My favourite exhibit were these holographic light sculptures…

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  • Hype Machine Music Blog Zeitgeist

    January 9th 2010 katie

    I love this project by music-streaming site Hype Machine. They asked 50 graphic artists to create a piece of work inspired by their most popular 50 artists of last year. Here are some of my favourites. Chromeo by Julia Sonmi Heglund Friendly Fires by Jaime Calayo Miike Snow by Blake Suarez and Steph Davlantes The…

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  • Fantastic Mr Fox concept art

    November 16th 2009 katie

    Aww, I love this beautiful concept art for Fantastic Mr Fox and Coraline from production designer Chris Appelhans. See more Fantastic Mr Fox artworks here and the rest of his portfolio, including Coraline and Alice in Wonderland, here. Via Drawn.ca Edit to add: The Vanity Fair website has a fascinating look behind the scenes at…

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  • Keetra Dean Dixon

    April 30th 2009 katie

    I’m a whole lot in love with the typographic-led work of NYC designer/artist Keetra Dean Dixon. Have a look through her extensive portfolio – it’s like being in a fluffy sweetie shop in the clouds. If you don’t don’t leave with a warm and fuzzy feeling, I’m pretty sure you have no soul. via Oh…

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