• Gratuitous cat update

    October 6th 2014 katie

    It’s been a while since I posted about the cats! I snap photos of them every so often when they’re being extra-cute so thought I’d share some of them here. Yoni is fully recovered from his ordeal over a year ago – he got an all-clear from the vet and no further issues since, which…

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  • Just because

    July 7th 2013 katie

    I love this catface

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  • Healing

    June 1st 2013 katie

    Well. If you follow me on twitter you’ll have seen that we’ve had an awful couple of weeks. I don’t really feel like talking much in depth about what happened, but in brief our little Yoni cat suffered a massive trauma, during treatment of which they found he had a rare blood type, an aggressive…

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  • Merry Catmas

    December 23rd 2012 katie

    Happy Christmas eve-eve! Josh took these super cute photos of the cats in front of the sparkly Christmas tree last night. Unfortunately they aren’t happy chaps at this time of year: the cold and rain means they stay inside more which makes them fractious and fighty. I always miss them when we go home for…

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  • Happy cat-birthday

    December 14th 2012 katie

    It’s both of the cats’ birthdays at this time of year – Yoni is 4 and Lila is one. What better way – or excuse – to celebrate than to share a montage of adorable photos. Yoni is still the handsomest cat I know, and as he’s got older he’s mellowed into such a sweetie.…

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  • Gratuitous cat update

    July 12th 2012 katie

    You’ll be pleased to hear I’m done with Copenhagen posts now! Have some cat pictures for a change of pace. Your eyes do not deceive you: Yoni and Lila are nearly civil now. I don’t think they’ll ever be BFFs but at least they can coexist in the house together. I am very happy about…

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  • Lila update

    April 5th 2012 katie

    We’ve had Lila a month now so thought I’d update on how she’s settling in. It hasn’t been an entirely smooth transition period… we went from worrying that Yoni would terrorize her to quite the opposite being true – she takes any opportunity to pounce and chase her much bigger brother! I guess she got…

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  • My first Lomokino

    March 14th 2012 katie

    Josh got me a Lomokino for Christmas, and I took it out in the garden last sunny weekend. Happily I had a couple of co-stars in waiting: Yoni and the neighbours’ sweet kitty, Catty Cat. (These two used to hate each other but now they’re kind of buddies. I hope the same applies to Yoni…

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  • Meet miss Lila

    March 8th 2012 katie

    Meet the latest addition to the What Katie Does household… This is little Lila, she’s a 6 month old ladycat who my friend Arianna found living rough in their neighbour’s coal cellar. They’d been hearing her for a month or two but couldn’t track her down – well, black cat in a coal cellar –…

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  • Snow Sunday

    February 5th 2012 katie

    I’m not a cold weather lover, but a thick dusting of pretty snow definitely takes the edge off, hmm? Especially on a Sunday when there’s no need to go anywhere except a walk around the village for a coffee and to snap some photos. It’s the first time Yoni’s seen snow since he’s been going…

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  • Illin & chillin’

    October 20th 2011 katie

    It’s been a bit of a rubbish week. I’ve been ill again, for the third time in a month, and it’s gone really cold all of a sudden, brrr. I hate winter, I wish it would be temperate all year round. I’ve been working really hard too, but on really fun stuff that I’m looking…

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  • Wonder cat back in stock

    September 3rd 2011 katie

    My Wonder Cat poster is back in stock on Etsy! I wasn’t expecting the rush sellout or volume of emails asking for a reprint – who would have known the Internet loves a cat, eh? I’m actually working on a second cat-themed poster right now… Yoni’s taking the fame in his stride, obviously.

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  • Cat loves blanket

    March 22nd 2011 katie

    Haven’t had some gratuitous cat photos for a while.. Yoni just adores this crochet blanket I found in one of my favourite vintage shops, Le Grenier. He’s a sucker for anything cosy, fleecy or knitted. It lives on the day bed in my study and I love tapping away at the computer or catching up…

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