• Cats with thumbs

    March 3rd 2011 katie

    First Ikea, now Cravendale.. seems a lot of brands are hopping on the cat bandwagon to sell their products nowaways. It’s certainly a smart idea — the viral potential, piggybacking off the LOLcats phenomenon, is huge. And here I am suckered in, writing about it too.. …But this campaign is just brilliantly executed. The ad…

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  • Best Coast -Crazy For You.. and cats

    January 18th 2011 katie

    Into cats and dreamy stoner scuzz-pop? I suggest you stop whatever you’re doing and go watch Best Coast’s new video, premiering on icanhascheezburger (where else?). They’re also running a caption competition on Best Coast’s own lolcat pic to win tour tickets (USA only). Share this entry with this shortURL: http://whatkatiedo.es/bestcoast

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  • Yoni update

    May 17th 2009 katie

    I’ve been quite restrained at posting cat photos here, but since Yoni is 5 months old today I thought I’d share my favourites so far. I wish I had a better digital camera! Remember, follow Yoni’s tumblr and my Flickr for loads more photos!

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  • Yoni weekend

    April 19th 2009 katie

    Sorry, apparently I lied when I said I’d try to limit cat-chat on this blog. We’ve had a great first week with our little boy, he’s made himself at home very quickly; he now sits on our laps for strokes and cuddles, loves to play with his mini tennis ball and hand-knitted mouseys and has…

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  • Yoni kitten

    April 16th 2009 katie

    We got a kitten on Tuesday! I’ve wanted a cat since I was a tiny girl but my dad’s allergic so I was never allowed, so I’m pretty excited. I posted an ad on Gumtree on Tuesday morning and luckily the perfect little guy needed a new home right away (due to an allergic owner…

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