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Illin & chillin’

huggy cat
Newspaper cat
huggy cat
Mac cat

It’s been a bit of a rubbish week. I’ve been ill again, for the third time in a month, and it’s gone really cold all of a sudden, brrr. I hate winter, I wish it would be temperate all year round. I’ve been working really hard too, but on really fun stuff that I’m looking forward to showing off soon. Anyway, just sharing some gratuitous photos of my little buddy, who seems to have got much more snuggly lately – perhaps he’s feeling the cold, too.

Wonder cat back in stock


My Wonder Cat poster is back in stock on Etsy! I wasn’t expecting the rush sellout or volume of emails asking for a reprint – who would have known the Internet loves a cat, eh? I’m actually working on a second cat-themed poster right now…

Yoni’s taking the fame in his stride, obviously.

Cat loves blanket

Cat loaf
mr sleepy
cat has snuggle-den

Haven’t had some gratuitous cat photos for a while.. Yoni just adores this crochet blanket I found in one of my favourite vintage shops, Le Grenier. He’s a sucker for anything cosy, fleecy or knitted. It lives on the day bed in my study and I love tapping away at the computer or catching up on TV on iPlayer while he snoozes next to me.

Cats with thumbs

First Ikea, now Cravendale.. seems a lot of brands are hopping on the cat bandwagon to sell their products nowaways. It’s certainly a smart idea — the viral potential, piggybacking off the LOLcats phenomenon, is huge. And here I am suckered in, writing about it too..

…But this campaign is just brilliantly executed. The ad is genuinely LOL-funny and gets better with more views. The main character, scheming polydactyl evil genius Bertrum Thumbcat, has been given Facebook and Twitter profiles, which are regularly updated and interactive with spot-on copy writing (good work, whoever the ‘voice of Betrum’ might be) and lovely photography.

It’s on-brand and product-focussed without being in your face, and lots of time has obviously been spent on seeding: they dropped this video a couple of weeks ago which got the ball rolling for interest in polydactyl cats, receiving 1.5 million views and lots of news coverage. Bertum’s profiles online were also built up pre-launch, including personalised seeding to other cat blogs.

Is it manipulative, playing on our love (and/or trepidation) of our potentially world-dominating furry friends? Perhaps. But both as a consumer and an ‘industry insider’, it’s a winner for me. Great work, W+K London!

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Best Coast -Crazy For You.. and cats

Into cats and dreamy stoner scuzz-pop? I suggest you stop whatever you’re doing and go watch Best Coast’s new video, premiering on icanhascheezburger (where else?).

They’re also running a caption competition on Best Coast’s own lolcat pic to win tour tickets (USA only).

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Yoni update

I’ve been quite restrained at posting cat photos here, but since Yoni is 5 months old today I thought I’d share my favourites so far. I wish I had a better digital camera!

yoni - Saturday

sleepy Yoni

Yoni's new house

Yoni in bag

Sunday sleeping

Remember, follow Yoni’s tumblr and my Flickr for loads more photos!

Yoni weekend

Sorry, apparently I lied when I said I’d try to limit cat-chat on this blog. We’ve had a great first week with our little boy, he’s made himself at home very quickly; he now sits on our laps for strokes and cuddles, loves to play with his mini tennis ball and hand-knitted mouseys and has pretty much taken over the house with his daily routine of feeding, playing and sleeping. I took him to the vet yesterday for some jabs and he was really good and the vet said he’s in perfect health. I’m smitten, in other words.

pretty paws

sunning himself

Yoni - day 5

Edit to add: I’ve made a new tumbr for Yoni, so all (well, MOST) kitty-related content will go over there from now on!

Yoni kitten

We got a kitten on Tuesday!

I’ve wanted a cat since I was a tiny girl but my dad’s allergic so I was never allowed, so I’m pretty excited. I posted an ad on Gumtree on Tuesday morning and luckily the perfect little guy needed a new home right away (due to an allergic owner who was sad to see him go). He was mewling away on the cab ride back but he’s been a really good boy and is settling into his new home well.


He’s 4 months old so still very little, but in 2 months he’ll be three-quarters of his adult size. As you can see he’s a pretty tabby with a white nose, tummy and socks and spotty, almost Bengal-esque markings on his back. We named him Yoni (yo-knee) after the frontman of Why? which is a bit geeky but it’s a cute cat name, no?


He’s had a really good first week settling in, sniffing round the flat and finding his favourite spots. He loves to sit on his tree and gaze out of the window and his favourite games are nipping your toes and dashing along the corridor at full pelt! He loves the mousey I knitted him and loves mauling my handmade sock monkey, too.

Yoni in the morning

I’ll try to limit the squeeeee-cat!-ness on this blog but if you like that kind of thing, I’m sure my flickr will be regularly topped up with photos.