• Some iOS7 wallpapers

    September 24th 2013 katie

    I made myself a few calm, colourful and simple iPhone wallpapers to complement the new iOS7 (which I LOVE), so thought I’d share them here too. Just click the 4 or 5 link below each one to get the right size for your phone and save to your camera roll. Enjoy! Anyone else loving iOS7?…

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  • Brewbacca beer labels

    August 23rd 2013 katie

    Here’s a fun little project I did recently – my old employer Sidekick Studios brewed an in-house beer, and I designed the label for it. We called it Brewbacca because he’s a famous sidekick, and kind of nerdy…. geddit? It’s a light, hoppy IPA, perfect for summer drinking. I hand sketched the design then finished…

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  • Me-designed Christmas cards in my shop

    November 17th 2012 katie

    If you haven’t bought your Christmas cards yet, I have some up for sale in my shop, with colourful washi tree or retro bauble designs. You can buy in packs of 5 or single ones. P.S If you want to see my stuff in person, it will all be for sale at the Cabbages &…

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  • New! Wonder Cat and Printing Office posters

    November 13th 2012 katie

    New in my Etsy shop, updated designs of my Wonder Cat and Printing Office posters. You can pick up Wonder Cat here and Printing Office here.

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  • Two new prints

    October 22nd 2012 katie

    Happy Monday! There are two new print designs up in my Etsy shop today. I hate autumn for being the dreary gateway to the gloom of winter, but I can’t help but be cheered by the lovely leaf colours as they fall, so this print is a reminder that even dark times have their upsides.…

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  • Design Junction

    September 23rd 2012 katie

    I meant to visit loads of London Design Festival stuff, but ended up being quite lazy/disorganised last week and ended up just going to Design Junction on Saturday. Worked out pretty well though since it seemed to be all of the coolest stuff, housed in an awesome old sorting office warehouse. Fernandez & Wells popup…

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  • Garden Party IPA

    August 23rd 2012 katie

    Josh has been homebrewing beer for quite a while now – since I bought him this kit last Christmas. One early explosion disaster aside the brews have all been very tasty, and he’s quickly graduated from using a kit into buying individual malts and hops to make specific flavours and styles. For his latest one…

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  • One year freelance…

    August 17th 2012 katie

    It’s been almost exactly a year since I went freelance – I’m not quite sure if it’s gone surprisingly quickly or slowly. I’ve done a quite ridiculous amount of work, had some rough months and been nearly constantly stressed from being over- or under-worked… but it was still totally the right decision for me and…

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  • Merchant & Mills

    August 3rd 2012 katie

    I just adore the authentically old-school branding of haberdasher Merchant & Mills. Classic useful products, well made in beautiful packaging at a reasonable price. Why can’t everything work like this? You can see the range in person – and enjoy a great cup of coffee as you browse the fabrics and notions – at the…

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  • Retro library posters

    June 25th 2012 katie

    I’m so smitten with this Flickr set of 1960s library posters, unearthed by a school librarian. They’re inspiring me to make some more book-themed prints!

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  • Blurb photobooks

    June 6th 2012 katie

    The folk at Blurb got in touch recently and asked if I’d like to try making my own custom photobook. I was already aware of their service so it was good to have a go at creating my own book. The process is really easy: upload your photos, choose your book format, drag and crop…

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  • Brewcat

    March 1st 2012 katie

    Scottish beermeisters Brewdog put up a little Twitter competition recently, asking for label designs for a new beer – a totally open brief right down to the beer type. The first prize was for a beer to made with your label – pretty cool! So I knocked up this little entry – involving cats, of…

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  • The little prints: MOO giveaway

    February 22nd 2012 katie

    The lovely folks at MOO.com got in touch recently, asking if I’d like to share some of their printed products on here. Well, I’m already a happy Moo customer – I use their cute little Minicards to pop in with my Etsy orders – so I used the opportunity to get some of their newly-offered…

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