• Yee-haw letterpress

    July 7th 2011 katie

    Gorgeous traditional letterpress work from Knoxville-based Yee-haw Studio. I first spotted them in the Jack Daniel’s film above, and their Etsy shop contains so many printed wonders I’m having a hard time picking what to buy first… Share this entry with this shortURL: http://whatkatiedo.es/yeehaw

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  • Ma + Chr Design Studio

    June 7th 2011 katie

    I’m equal parts jealous and in awe of this gorgeous work by Parisian design studio Ma + Chr, founded by Mathilde Aubier and Christine Delaquaize. They cover disciplines from web design, through fine art and fashion, to installations and interior design. When I grow up can I do this for a living, please? Check out

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  • Penguin Great Food

    May 6th 2011 katie

    These gorgeously ornate book covers for the Penguin Great Food series did the design-blog rounds a few months ago – and rightly so – but I actually picked a few of them up at the weekend – the buy-one-get-one-half-price display at Foyle’s was winking at me… Designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith, the slender, textural volumes are…

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  • Studio 8 editorial design

    May 5th 2011 katie

    Some seriously beautiful editorial design by Studio 8 in Clerkenwell, for magazines including Elephant, Plastique and the New York Times. More you say? Check out Studio 8‘s portfolio site. Share this entry with this shortURL: http://whatkatiedo.es/studio8

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  • Pretty seed packets

    April 15th 2011 katie

    …never thought I’d use that subject line, but it’s true in this case, non? From the fabulous Brooklyn-based Hickoree’s: making mundane goods desirable since, ah, whenever they opened up shop. Share this entry with this shortURL: http://whatkatiedo.es/seeds

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  • Keith Morris calligraphy

    April 14th 2011 katie

    Beautiful classic calligraphy skills from Australian Keith Morris. I especially love seeing the pencil sketches of works in progress. Found via king-george Share this entry with this shortURL: http://whatkatiedo.es/calligraphy

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  • Pokelondon.com

    February 16th 2011 katie

    A brief segue into my day job, because I want to show off the recently-launched new Poke website, the design of which I was heavily involved in. Designing for yourself can be notoriously difficult, but luckily we had a solid brief with the objectives and rationale clearly set out. No one fundamentally hated the old…

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  • Maricor Maricar

    February 11th 2011 katie

    I always love to see a mash-up of traditional tactile craft skills with modern graphic design stylings, so I’m a whole lot in love with this work from Sydney-based studio Maricor Maricar. The satin-embroidered typographic pieces are particularly beautiful. Lovely papercuts and line-art illustration, too. Check out the rest of their portfolio and the shop…

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  • Food poster

    October 17th 2010 katie

    Excuse the veer into self-promotion but I wanted to share this new print that I’ve just put up for sale in my Etsy shop. It’s my first-ever screenprinted piece – a typographic poster inspired by a WW1-era poster encouraging people to eat thriftily. It comes in duck-egg blue and mushroomy grey, printed onto recycled paper…

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  • Hilda Grahnat

    October 7th 2010 katie

    Time for less about me me me and for some pure visual candy instead: Hilda Grahnat, a Swedish graphic design student, has an amazing eye for colour and composition. Whether she’s working in photography, design or interiors, her styling and taste is impeccable in that idiosyncratically Swedish way. I’m envious of her lovely midcentury-inspired apartment…

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  • All City Media: film posters Redrawn

    September 28th 2010 katie

    A great project from awesome film poster design studio All City Media: for their 10-year anniversary last month they had an exhibition where artists were invited to reinterpret and re-illustrate some of the posters they’ve designed over the years. Marcus Walters John Calvert Oliver Barrett Martin Ansin You can buy limited-edition prints of all the…

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  • Stephen Fry Chronicles: The app

    September 14th 2010 katie

    Trust Stephen Fry, ardent technophile and embracer of all things shiny and new, to create a publishing first – an interactive app version of his new book, the autobiographical Fry Chronicles. Designed by the extremely talented Stefanie Posavec and built by Dare it resembles, in Fry’s own words, a colour wheel or a flower. It…

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  • Vintage map infographics

    August 19th 2010 katie

    I picked up these gorgeous vintage atlas pages from Spitalfields antiques market this morning. Each page has a map on the front and information about the country on the back. I think they will look great framed up in my new house. I will probably display the actual map sides, but the backs are just…

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