• Vintage vs modern infographics

    November 26th 2009 katie

    Nice article in this month’s Wired magazine, which takes infographics from vintage textbooks, illustrated by Roy A Gallant, and updates them with all the extra information we now know. Got to say though, despite all the scientific advances packed into the updated images, I much prefer the simpler old ones. The effects of an earthquake…

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  • Daily Drop Cap

    October 6th 2009 katie

    LOVE this project by type designer extraordinaire Jessica Hische (who I’ve written about before). She’s designing a gorgeous decorative drop-cap for every alphabet letter and releasing one a day. They’re under a Creative Commons licence for free use on blogs, which is a genius idea for getting her work to go viral! Check out all…

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  • My handwriting font, care of yourfonts.com

    July 23rd 2009 katie
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  • Keetra Dean Dixon

    April 30th 2009 katie

    I’m a whole lot in love with the typographic-led work of NYC designer/artist Keetra Dean Dixon. Have a look through her extensive portfolio – it’s like being in a fluffy sweetie shop in the clouds. If you don’t don’t leave with a warm and fuzzy feeling, I’m pretty sure you have no soul. via Oh…

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