• Owl sketch screencast

    February 7th 2012 katie

    I think it’s always fun to see people’s work in progress, so I took this screencast while I doodled an owl in Illustrator the other night. It’s speeded up 20x! Here’s the finished chappy:

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  • Tea-mergency

    December 2nd 2011 katie

    A little doodle that came to me after yet another tea-related disaster: And worked up..

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  • Lolcats – The Movie

    July 6th 2010 katie

    I made this poster for a creative competition set by excellent film mag Little White Lies – the brief was to create your dream film of the future. Of course I chose cats, and imagined a future where attention spans have diminished to the point where only funny locat video clips remain.. As you can…

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  • Kidioms

    January 15th 2010 katie

    A fantastic set of idioms (figurative expressions of speech) as drawn by kids. Some are literal, some are kind of cryptic and some are plain weird – but they’re all adorable. See if you can guess what phrases these represent.. answers under the jump. And see loads more drawings on the site. 1. Sweet tooth2.…

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  • DIY Fringed Sweater & What I Wore

    September 27th 2009 katie

    All the London Fashion Week chatter must have seeped into my brain a bit this week. First off, inspired by all the gothy textured looks seen on the catwalk and on the high street, I made this fringed top for autumn. As you can plainly see, it’s just made from a basic top from H&M,…

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  • What I Wore Today drawings

    September 2nd 2009 katie

    Check out this new Flickr group, the brainwave of the ever-lovely Gemma Correll – What I Wore Today drawings. There’s only a few so far but I hope a lot of illustrators draw and contribute. Kate aka Little Doodles Katey Jean Harvey Gemma Correll. Check out Gemma’s sweet ‘daily diary‘ drawings too – they inspire…

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