• Wedding Dresses at the V&A

    May 5th 2014 katie

    I was treated to a preview of the V&A’s new Wedding Dresses 1775-2014 exhibition last week. It opened to everyone at the weekend, so here’s a peek at some of my favourite things on show. The ground floor charts dresses from the 18th century up to the mid-20th century. You can clearly see the styles…

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  • V&A Friday Lates

    December 4th 2013 katie

    Josh and I made the trip to West London on Friday to check out the V&A Friday Lates. They open the museum extra late and put on installations, talks, exhibitions and interactive sessions to complement the shows that are going on in the museum. Last Friday’s theme was “Adornment’ to coincide with the current Pearls…

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  • Selected clothing

    February 19th 2013 katie

    I’m just loving the Selected line of clothing: nearly every piece is a classic with a twist – wearable, elegant and comfortable. Perfect for building that elusive capsule wardrobe. I’m even plotting if I can make recreations of some of these pieces myself… funny how when you start sewing you want to make everything yourself…

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  • Fancy nails

    May 30th 2012 katie

    I’m far from a girly girl in most ways: I apply the bare minimum of make-up to avoid being told I look poorly and my wardrobe consists almost entirely of cotton jersey in varying shades of ‘drab’. But I do like fancying up my nails, possibly because I am lucky to have very strong, healthy…

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  • Winter wedding wear

    October 9th 2011 katie

    I have an excuse to buy a new dress! Josh’s brother is getting married at the end of November (I designed the invitations for them), so I need a pretty cold-weather-appropriate dress. I’m hoping to find something in San Francisco, but here are a few backup options. I’m leaning towards the pretty grey number from…

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  • Boden’s little brand book

    September 15th 2011 katie

    Confession: I pinched the new Boden catalogue from my mail box even though it was addressed to an old tenant of my flat. But rather than fawn over the clothes – lovely though they are, I think just a touch too old for me – I was drawn to this little brand leaflet stuck in…

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  • Kowtow clothing

    January 12th 2011 katie

    I love the understated elegance of New Zealand clothing line Kowtow. Quirky printed tops mixed with unusually-cut yet classic wearable basics in a gorgeous palette – I’d love to build a complete capsule wardrobe from their range. The clothes have fascinating stories behind them, too. For the collection ‘Grammatical Conjunctions’, graphic designers collaborated with artists…

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  • 6 items or less

    July 1st 2010 katie

    I found 6itemsorless via Gemma and the idea quite intrigued me – participants must wear only 6 items of basic clothing (excluding undies, sportswear and outerwear) for a month. The site itself doesn’t operate on any kind of premise but I think this would be a good experiment to really evaluate our clothing choices, not…

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  • Sock it to me

    March 30th 2010 katie

    Nicky (she of sock-monster-making fame) and I were emailing back and forth last week with a plethora of cool footwear – thought I’d share some of them. The ones above are my favourites from my personal collection, from a Tokyo store called Mighty Soxer (sadly not available online or over here). They even have a…

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  • DIY Fringed Sweater & What I Wore

    September 27th 2009 katie

    All the London Fashion Week chatter must have seeped into my brain a bit this week. First off, inspired by all the gothy textured looks seen on the catwalk and on the high street, I made this fringed top for autumn. As you can plainly see, it’s just made from a basic top from H&M,…

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  • When crafts collide: Crocheted jewellery

    June 22nd 2009 katie

    Firstly, a quick hello to new viewers/subscribers – I had an unexpected spike in traffic due to being featured on a few web design blogs lately, so hello and I hope you continue to visit! I love when different crafts collide – you usually end up with a really interesting and unique result. I stumbled…

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