• Some iOS7 wallpapers

    September 24th 2013 katie

    I made myself a few calm, colourful and simple iPhone wallpapers to complement the new iOS7 (which I LOVE), so thought I’d share them here too. Just click the 4 or 5 link below each one to get the right size for your phone and save to your camera roll. Enjoy! Anyone else loving iOS7?…

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  • It’s beginning to look a lot like…

    December 17th 2012 katie

    …that time of year. Hat tip to my pal Tammy for giving me the idea for this doodle! Hope you’re mulling all the things in the lead-up to Xmas. I saw a pub offering mulled rum yesterday, now there’s one to try. Despite being cynical and grumpy 90% of the time, I love Christmas time.…

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  • Freelance update

    June 16th 2012 katie

    Sorry, been a bit slack on blogging lately. I’ve been having the traditional freelancer dilemma of going on holiday soon, eek, SO MUCH to get done before we go. The last few weeks have been ridiculous – not even in the showy-off get-me kind of way: in the 14-hour days, wrist aching, I need to…

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  • Chalkboard doodles

    April 7th 2012 katie

    I’ve set myself a new little side-project: to practice my hand-lettering skillz by doing a drawing a day on the chalkboard in the kitchen. I’m clearly no Dana Tanamatchi just yet, but it’s fun to practice. Follow the daily updates at A Chalkboard A Day. Psst – if you’re reading in a reader, my blog…

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  • Brewcat

    March 1st 2012 katie

    Scottish beermeisters Brewdog put up a little Twitter competition recently, asking for label designs for a new beer – a totally open brief right down to the beer type. The first prize was for a beer to made with your label – pretty cool! So I knocked up this little entry – involving cats, of…

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  • Emergency tea print now for sale

    February 28th 2012 katie

    New in my Etsy shop today, this Emergency Tea print that I posted about a while ago. Hope you like it! Pick one up here. P.S. Just two more days left to enter my Moo giveaway

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  • Owl sketch screencast

    February 7th 2012 katie

    I think it’s always fun to see people’s work in progress, so I took this screencast while I doodled an owl in Illustrator the other night. It’s speeded up 20x! Here’s the finished chappy:

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  • Tea-mergency

    December 2nd 2011 katie

    A little doodle that came to me after yet another tea-related disaster: And worked up..

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  • Show your working

    September 19th 2011 katie

    There’s nothing like starting a new project with a pad and pen (yes, that might be a new print design in progress)! Always trying to improve my hand-lettering… Creating a pretty mood board… .. and always keeping one toe in the crafty and handmade.

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  • The Feed

    August 17th 2011 katie

    As I’m halfway through my last week at Poke, I thought I’d share this project that I’ve been designing and art directing for almost a year now, and I’m rather proud of. The Feed is a blog for Orange, in which we share a fun digital toy, game or idea each month. It’s great because…

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  • Maira Kalman

    March 14th 2011 katie

    Maira Kalman‘s art and illustrations, including childrens’ and adults’ books and a potted history of American democracy for the New York Times. No words, just crippling creative envy… Share this entry with this shortURL: http://whatkatiedo.es/mairakalman

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  • Fresh illustration

    February 22nd 2011 katie

    I’ve been looking at a lot of illustrators for work lately, which franky doesn’t feel like work at all as it’s what I do in my spare time as well – my Tumblr is good evidence of that. Here’s just a braindump of some of the lovely things I’ve spotted while searching… Deanna Halsall Steph…

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  • Lazy Oaf

    May 12th 2010 katie

    Lazy Oaf has always been known for its bold cartoony shirts, but I love the more quirky illustration-led slant they’ve been taking lately. Just look at how bright and happy everything below is – including Gemma Correll‘s lovely kittycat shirt and that blingy glittery ‘diamond’ necklace. They’re also about to launch a Drawing Club shop/exhibtion…

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