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Maira Kalman

Maira Kalman‘s art and illustrations, including childrens’ and adults’ books and a potted history of American democracy for the New York Times. No words, just crippling creative envy…

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Fresh illustration

I’ve been looking at a lot of illustrators for work lately, which franky doesn’t feel like work at all as it’s what I do in my spare time as well – my Tumblr is good evidence of that. Here’s just a braindump of some of the lovely things I’ve spotted while searching…

Deanna Halsall

Steph Says Hello

Jim Bobbin

Matthew Dent

Owen Davey

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Lazy Oaf

Lazy Oaf has always been known for its bold cartoony shirts, but I love the more quirky illustration-led slant they’ve been taking lately. Just look at how bright and happy everything below is – including Gemma Correll‘s lovely kittycat shirt and that blingy glittery ‘diamond’ necklace.

They’re also about to launch a Drawing Club shop/exhibtion space in Covent Garden, opening on May 20th with a night of live drawing, cider and helium balloons. Sounds mega fun.

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Pick Me Up graphic arts show

Here are some photos from the Pick Me Up graphics arts show at Somerset House. Suffice to say it was a pretty definitive show of the best contemporary UK illustrators and designers. I felt visually drained – in a good way! – by the end.


Claire Scully

Natsko Seki and Jess Wilson

Evening Tweed

The best bit was Rob Ryan‘s open studio, where you could wander around and see his inspiration and processes.

More photos on Flickr

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Across the Way: Exhibition

I think I need to make a daytrip to Bristol to see this exhibition – a collaborative show between four artists/illustrators – Adam Hancher, Jack Hudson, Luke Jinks and Owen Gatley. A mix of folklore-inspired illustrations, papercutting, handpainted signage.. a dream show for me.

Might as well make a day of it if I do go – can anyone recommend any other nice things to see/do/eat in Bristol?

Alice manuscript

From this Wednesday, the British Library is displaying to the public this gorgeous original Alice in Wonderland manuscript, handwritten and illustrated by its author Lewis Carroll. If you can’t make it to the Library, you can view it online using a nifty Silverlight viewer.

It’s supposedly to tie-in with the release of Tim Burton/Disney‘s new Alice film, which frankly I’m worried will be a bit rubbish – nothing will beat the original Disney version!

Recipe look

Aww, I love this new site Recipe Look, combining as it does two of my favourite things – food and cute illustrations, all user-submitted and curated into blog form. I’ve been considering making a little illustrated cookbook/zine for a while so maybe I will submit something to this site as a warm-up!

w+k Advent Calendar

I love wieden+kennedy’s Christmas Advent Calendar. They’ve placed real-life Christmassy ‘art installations’ around their Shoreditch office and made the calendar into a cute map, illustrated by Hennie Haworth. I might go have a poke around and try to find some of them at lunchtime…

Vintage vs modern infographics

Nice article in this month’s Wired magazine, which takes infographics from vintage textbooks, illustrated by Roy A Gallant, and updates them with all the extra information we now know. Got to say though, despite all the scientific advances packed into the updated images, I much prefer the simpler old ones.

The effects of an earthquake tremor, then and now:

And a diagram of the Earth’s atmosphere, then and now:

Read the whole feature here.

Happy Friday – Dominic Wilcox

Thanks for all your comments on my Japan post – I have lots of great suggestions of places to visit!

Just a quick Friday post of joyfulness care of Dominic Wilcox‘s delightful blog Variations on Normal. I envy people who can think up silly/wonderful stuff like this.

Make rainy days a bit more cheery with a waterfall brolly.

If only nature was so efficient as to make square-bottomed eggs. They just need a perforated line around the top too for handy slicing.

I’m pretty obsessed with my Google Analytics stats – this is the real-world version.

via @byr0nic