May 13th 2013 katie

    We booked on a bit of a whim to go to the TV on the Radio-curated ATP last weekend. There’s something so deliriously surreal about pitching up to an out-of-season family holiday park that’s definitely seen better days with a bunch of musicians that most people have never heard of and a few thousand other…

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  • Efterklang gig photos

    April 2nd 2013 katie

    Some photos from an intimate Efterklang gig at The Lexington last week. It was a semi-secret gig under the pseudonym Black Summer – the day after they supported Foals at the Royal Albert Hall, quite a change in pace I’d imagine… They were on top form, the addition of a female singer giving an even…

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  • Bowerbirds

    May 8th 2012 katie

    I don’t go to nearly as many gigs these days as I used to – must be getting old as it always seems like way too much effort. But I always make sure I go see Bowerbirds on their too-rare visits to London. They’re probably my consistent favourite band of the last 5 years, with…

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  • Primavera Sound

    May 30th 2011 katie

    I had a fabulous few days in Barcelona for the Primavera Sound festival. The weather was kind and the festival site is right next to the sea, so it all felt very holidayish. The music didn’t kick off until the evening, so we got to spend the days in town, eating plenty of tapas (separate…

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  • Best Coast -Crazy For You.. and cats

    January 18th 2011 katie

    Into cats and dreamy stoner scuzz-pop? I suggest you stop whatever you’re doing and go watch Best Coast’s new video, premiering on icanhascheezburger (where else?). They’re also running a caption competition on Best Coast’s own lolcat pic to win tour tickets (USA only). Share this entry with this shortURL: http://whatkatiedo.es/bestcoast

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  • Jose Vanders

    June 4th 2010 katie

    Barry tweeted about Jose, a 20-year-old multitalented musician from South London, the other day and her sweet, folksy tunes have really rather got under my skin. Have a listen to ‘Mother Theresa Can’t Dive’, with its sweet Life Aquatic-inspired video, below. It’s got a little touch of a young Regina Spektor about it. Lovely! Here’s…

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  • Recent gigs: Pavement and BIM

    May 24th 2010 katie

    Two rather differing recent gigs, but I’m happy I was able to take some interesting photos at both. Pavement at Brixton Academy, May 13thThe problem with big gigs is they frown on what they consider to be ‘professional’ cameras – which they define as any camera with a detachable lens. My E-P1 falls into this…

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  • Why? gig poster

    March 24th 2010 katie

    I’ve had this idea for a gig poster knocking around for a while. It’s for one of my favourite bands, Why? – who we saw last week. Unfortunately I didn’t get round to starting it before the show, or I might have given it to the promoter to use (Josh did this on their last…

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  • Experiments in gig photography

    March 18th 2010 katie

    Since I got my ‘decent’ camera and a small collection of lenses, I’ve been enjoying taking photos at all the gigs I go to. The great thing about the Olympus E-P1 as opposed to a full-blown DSLR is that it’s small and unobtrusive enough to tote around (and sneak in when photos aren’t allowed –…

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  • Hype Machine Music Blog Zeitgeist

    January 9th 2010 katie

    I love this project by music-streaming site Hype Machine. They asked 50 graphic artists to create a piece of work inspired by their most popular 50 artists of last year. Here are some of my favourites. Chromeo by Julia Sonmi Heglund Friendly Fires by Jaime Calayo Miike Snow by Blake Suarez and Steph Davlantes The…

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  • Marina and the Diamonds photos

    November 20th 2009 katie

    I blogged about Marina and the Diamonds back in June and I finally managed to see her live on Wednesday night. She’s a fantastically charismatic performer with a gorgeous voice, and I reckon she’ll become massive next year. I was also excited to try taking some ‘proper’ gig photos – well, slightly less amateurish than…

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  • Marina and the Diamonds

    June 26th 2009 katie

    I’m really loving the sound of new UK artist Marina and the Diamonds. There’s whiffs of influence from Kate Bush and Regina Spektor, but plenty of uniqueness to set her apart. This video above for her new single I Am Not a Robot is pretty rad too, co-directed by photographer Rankin. Listen to more on…

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