• 2014 in pictures

    December 28th 2014 katie

    Time for my yearly wrap-up of photos, as I do every year (previous years here). This year has basically been brilliant for one main reason: TRAVEL. I’ve been extremely fortunate to visit Israel, Panama, Ecuador, Mexico and Paris – four new countries and four continents in a year is not bad going at all. Otherwise,…

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  • Panama type

    March 26th 2014 katie
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  • 2013 in pictures

    December 31st 2013 katie

    I almost didn’t do my usual photo round-up this year (hence the last-minuteness!) because in a lot of ways this has been a very hard, unhappy year. We’ve had all sorts of upheaval from Yoni getting sick to family illness, relationship breakdowns and deaths. But looking back through my year of photos was actually a…

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  • V&A Friday Lates

    December 4th 2013 katie

    Josh and I made the trip to West London on Friday to check out the V&A Friday Lates. They open the museum extra late and put on installations, talks, exhibitions and interactive sessions to complement the shows that are going on in the museum. Last Friday’s theme was “Adornment’ to coincide with the current Pearls…

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  • London Transport Museum Depot

    November 4th 2013 katie

    Not much will drag me out to West London, but one that definitely will is the promise of transport nerdery. This Saturday (after spending the morning viewing the Cheapside Hoard with Kathryn – phew, culture all over) we trundled way over to Acton Town to visit the London Transport Museum Depot‘s open day. Emerging from…

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  • New York Transit Museum, Brooklyn

    October 31st 2013 katie

    Pretty late in posting about this – took so many photos there that it was a bit of a task editing them! We visited the New York Transit Museum on our last day in town, a roasting hot day where we took the ferry down to Brooklyn Bridge, walked some of the riverside promenade (sadly…

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  • Brooklyn on film

    October 25th 2013 katie

    I got back the photos I took on my film cameras in Brooklyn: some from my OM-10 and some from my Lomo Diana. For once nothing jammed or went wrong, so I got lots of good ones. I really like how they get across just how sunny our time there was.

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  • Around Brooklyn

    October 5th 2013 katie

    We just got back from an awesome week in Brooklyn. It was basically the antithesis to our last holiday to Barbados: concrete instead of beaches, cocktails and beer instead of rum punch, brunches and Mexican and Chinese food, walking until my feet quite literally gave out… We stayed in yet another great Airbnb rental, a…

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  • Lomography Smartphone Scanner: Review & giveaway

    September 20th 2013 katie

    Lomography got in touch to offer me a review product, which I could then give away to one of you lovely readers. Rather than pick a camera I was rather more intrigued by their Smartphone Film Scanner… This nifty gadget lets you scan 35mm films directly into your phone just using the phone’s camera, so…

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  • Dalston House

    July 4th 2013 katie

    Dalston House is a new temporary art installation by Leandro Elrich in association with the Barbican Centre. It’s right by Dalston Junction station, a short walk from my house, so my sister and I jaunted down there the other day. The mind-bending installation is a perfect replica of a period house facade, laid out on…

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  • Rye and Dungeness

    May 15th 2013 katie

    During the daytime of ATP when the bands weren’t on, we made the most of being on an unfamiliar stretch of the south coast and did a couple of little local trips. I’m always amazed to find places so close to home yet so startlingly different to what I’ve ever seen of the UK before.…

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  • ATP

    May 13th 2013 katie

    We booked on a bit of a whim to go to the TV on the Radio-curated ATP last weekend. There’s something so deliriously surreal about pitching up to an out-of-season family holiday park that’s definitely seen better days with a bunch of musicians that most people have never heard of and a few thousand other…

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  • South Bank, Trip-35

    May 7th 2013 katie

    I found these photos when I developed my film from Barbados. I think they’re from 2011 given that they’re of the South Bank’s Festival of Britain, which was that year. A little time capsule of summers past.

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