• Barbados bits and bobs

    April 9th 2013 katie

    I totally lied when I said I was done with Barbados posts. Sorry. At least it’s a bit warmer in the UK now, so looking over holiday snaps doesn’t feel so painful. I knocked together the video above from the clips I took on my camera. The speeded-up timelapse sunsets are my favourite part! I…

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  • Efterklang gig photos

    April 2nd 2013 katie

    Some photos from an intimate Efterklang gig at The Lexington last week. It was a semi-secret gig under the pseudonym Black Summer – the day after they supported Foals at the Royal Albert Hall, quite a change in pace I’d imagine… They were on top form, the addition of a female singer giving an even…

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  • Brighton black and white

    February 7th 2013 katie

    Some more pics of Brighton from my OM10, using Lomography Lady Grey film – a contrasty, gritty black and white that seems to suit Brighton’s faded charm. The camera advance jammed up again, but these resulting muti-exposures of the Pavilion and round the Marina are really quite beautiful so I’m not too sad. The other…

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  • Abney Park Cemetery

    January 21st 2013 katie

    More snow photos? Oh, go on then. We took a slightly bracing walk into Abney Park Cemetery yesterday – it’s basically on my doorstep and I’ve never visited it in seven years of living in the area. Shameful, as it’s really beautiful; ‘like Narnia’ as Josh put it. It’s much bigger than I thought, with…

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  • Born in the snow

    January 19th 2013 katie

    It’s been a funny old week. It started well: it was my birthday on Monday, and since it’s such a miserable time of year for a birthday I always try and celebrate it properly. I was lucky enough to have my mum down for the day so we went shopping and had lunch, then had…

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  • God’s Own Junkyard

    January 11th 2013 katie

    Sarah and I popped down to God’s Own Junkyard on Wednesday night, a fabulous pop-up collection of new and vintage neon signs, movie props and retro advertising signage on Beak Street, Soho. The curator/artist Chris Bracey collects junked signs from movie sets then repairs and resurrects them into brand new art pieces. The temporary exhibition/shop…

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  • 2012 in pictures

    December 29th 2012 katie

    It’s time for my now-traditional monthly photo roundup of the year! 2012 has been a funny one – lots of hard work as I continued to settled into freelancing, a new part-time job which solved a lot of that, a bit – but not enough – travel, a new cat-baby and all the associated joys…

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  • It’s beginning to look a lot like…

    December 17th 2012 katie

    …that time of year. Hat tip to my pal Tammy for giving me the idea for this doodle! Hope you’re mulling all the things in the lead-up to Xmas. I saw a pub offering mulled rum yesterday, now there’s one to try. Despite being cynical and grumpy 90% of the time, I love Christmas time.…

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  • Happy cat-birthday

    December 14th 2012 katie

    It’s both of the cats’ birthdays at this time of year – Yoni is 4 and Lila is one. What better way – or excuse – to celebrate than to share a montage of adorable photos. Yoni is still the handsomest cat I know, and as he’s got older he’s mellowed into such a sweetie.…

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  • Grey beach, bright flowers

    November 4th 2012 katie

    Go to Devon in October, expect greyness and rain. The beach is still pretty stunning, though. Hidden colours and textures in the rock Dogs don’t care about rain… … Katie does At least the hillside flowers give a splash of colour

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  • Old books

    November 2nd 2012 katie

    It’s now becoming an annual thing for my family to have a little getaway to Devon. The house – and weather – this year wasn’t as nice as last time, but I did love this dusty old bookcase filled with some unusual titles… More photos soon

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  • Olympic Park

    September 11th 2012 katie

    I almost went the entire summer without visiting Olympic Park, but I suppose it was inevitable that I’d find myself there at some point – and then only because Sidekick kindly bought us all tickets for Friday, the penultimate day of the Paralympics. I’m not really into any sport at all, but the Olympic Park…

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  • Ropewalk, SE1

    September 5th 2012 katie

    Well well, the area around Maltby Street near Bermondsey has certainly levelled up since the last time we visited. Now christened The Ropewalk, it’s more like a mini food market, with the suppliers in the archways spilling onto the narrow lane to feed the through traffic. From wine bars to coffee, cocktails and local cheeses,…

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