• Olympus OM-D review

    September 2nd 2012 katie

    I thought I’d write a little bit about my new camera, the Olympus OM-D – or EM-5; confusingly it has two names but I’ll stick with OM-D. I decided to invest because my dear old E-P1 was getting a bit worse for wear after three years’ loyal service – the battery door had fallen off,…

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  • Up in the mountains

    August 20th 2012 katie

    The day before the wedding, we took the cable car up the mountainside to Aiguille du Midi, near Mont Blanc. The ride up was a little hairy and my sister turned green with altitude sickness, but the views made it all worthwhile. Eek – don’t look down

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  • Chamonix weekend wedding

    August 15th 2012 katie

    We just spent the long weekend in Chamonix, south-east France, for a family wedding. I only previously knew of Chamonix as a ski resort, but turns out it’s just beautiful in the summer: weather in the high twenties, wildflowers everywhere and loads of non-snow-dependent activities. I used the opportunity to take my brand-new camera –…

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  • Twelve reasons to visit Japan

    August 7th 2012 katie

    I have major wanderlust at the moment, specifically Japan-lust. Here are twelve reasons why… 1. The way that Tokyo is so hectic, yet so organised, friendly and polite that you feel peaceful in the middle of the chaos.

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  • That sports thing in London…

    July 28th 2012 katie

    It’s funny to think that Voldesport is taking place right now in the same London borough as me, about three miles away. I heard the fireworks from the opening ceremony last night before I saw them on TV! The spectacle of it all has left me pretty cold, but I have been enjoying getting into…

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  • Hackney Wick signage

    July 25th 2012 katie

    Spotted all this gorgeous, mysterious handpainted signage on the walk to Crate in Hackney Wick on Sunday… …A bit of research when I got home led me to discover that it was created by local artists Bread Collective. The murals honour the companies and industries that have been active in the area both past and…

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  • A ‘summer’ wedding

    July 20th 2012 katie

    Our friends Laura and Tiago got married a few weekends ago in the middle of the Dorset countryside. Unfortunately it poured with rain literally all day, but it was still a lovely wedding and I enjoyed taking some non-typical photos. Ruined shoes! Wedding bus

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  • Around Copenhagen

    July 1st 2012 katie
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  • Saturday sun

    May 27th 2012 katie

    A pretty ideal sunny weekend in London: Courgette pizza from the amazing portable wood-fired pizza people Homeslice, who had parked up at Broadway’s Schoolyard market.. … followed by delicious coffee gelato from Chateaux Gelato‘s stall and a bask on the very-packed out London Fields. A bit of afternoon work getting the garden tidied up pre…

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  • Bowerbirds

    May 8th 2012 katie

    I don’t go to nearly as many gigs these days as I used to – must be getting old as it always seems like way too much effort. But I always make sure I go see Bowerbirds on their too-rare visits to London. They’re probably my consistent favourite band of the last 5 years, with…

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  • Harry Potter studio tour

    April 22nd 2012 katie

    I booked this back in October as soon as it was announced, and finally the date of our Warner Bros Harry Potter tour arrived on Saturday! I’ll pop most of the photos and info under a cut, since there’s an awful lot and some people who are visiting in the future might not want spoilers…

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  • Cinemagr.am – instant cinemagraph gifs

    April 1st 2012 katie

    Only the other day I was wishing that Instagram had a video/animation function, so I was really happy when Kim tweeted about Cinemagr.am, a new iPhone app that lets you create short looping cinemagraph-style gifs from movie clips. Here are some of my first efforts with it, using the models I had to hand around…

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  • Sun sun sun

    March 24th 2012 katie

    A gorgeous sunny Saturday, I love it! We took some beers to the park and had the garden designer round to start planning our new outdoor space – just in time for the warm weather. Our garden – more of a yard, really – is pretty tiny but just the right space for some seating…

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