• My first Lomokino

    March 14th 2012 katie

    Josh got me a Lomokino for Christmas, and I took it out in the garden last sunny weekend. Happily I had a couple of co-stars in waiting: Yoni and the neighbours’ sweet kitty, Catty Cat. (These two used to hate each other but now they’re kind of buddies. I hope the same applies to Yoni…

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  • Snow Sunday

    February 5th 2012 katie

    I’m not a cold weather lover, but a thick dusting of pretty snow definitely takes the edge off, hmm? Especially on a Sunday when there’s no need to go anywhere except a walk around the village for a coffee and to snap some photos. It’s the first time Yoni’s seen snow since he’s been going…

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  • Blog photo editing for lazy types

    January 20th 2012 katie

    I thought it’d be interesting to share how I edit and grade photos for my blog, since I get a lot of nice comments on my photos. The secret is I’m really quite lazy with editing – I don’t shoot RAW and spend ages manually fiddling with exposure levels or anything, but a couple of…

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  • Lisbon last year

    January 15th 2012 katie

    I just got my PhotoJojo time capsule of this time last year, and was reminded of my birthday jaunt to Lisbon. I think the trip produced some of the nicest photos I’ve taken:

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  • San Fran lomo

    January 5th 2012 katie

    Would you believe I still have a ton of photos I haven’t blogged from San Francisco, back in November? I’ll start with these crazy colourful ones taken on my Olympus OM10 with Lomography special-effects film (the red ones are Redscale and the pink ones are Tungsten). Not forgetting the now-customary ruined multiple-exposure films, thanks to…

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  • 2011 in pictures

    December 28th 2011 katie

    Happy Christmas! Hope you had a good one. Mine was fuelled with rum & coke, contained endless Wii sessions and spiked with some awesome pressies (about which more later). I just had fun looking back through my 2009 and 2010 ‘review’ posts so I thought I’d carry on the tradition this year. They’re under the…

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  • December instagram

    December 22nd 2011 katie

    Off home to the family for Christmas tomorrow! Have a lovely holiday everyone, and I’ll leave you with some Instagram snaps from December.

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  • Aldwych underground tour

    December 7th 2011 katie

    I took a tour of the disused Aldwych underground station on Sunday, organised by TFL and the London Transport Museum. Despite their no-DSLR camera policy and a ridiculous stream of explanations as to why this is the case (from something to do with ‘high resolution sensors’ to the idea that DSLR users would somehow delay…

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  • Cycling the Golden Gate bridge

    November 22nd 2011 katie

    We cycled across the Golden Gate Bridge on a delightfully sunny day, with no sign of the famous fog. Photos taken on OM10 with Lomography Tungsten film We picked up the bikes at Fisherman’s Wharf, which would be a lovely scenic spot with its piers and still-active fishing boats, if it hadn’t been overridden with…

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  • Walking San Francisco

    November 15th 2011 katie

    Here’s a first few photos from San Francisco. I always think the best way to get to know a city is to walk its streets, and even though everyone said ‘Hire a car!’ I’m glad we didn’t. If nothing else, we walked off all the pancakes and tacos hiking up and down its steep streets,…

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  • Stoke Newington in the 70s and 80s

    November 1st 2011 katie

    So happy to have stumbled across this set of photos from my ‘hood Stoke Newington in the 1970s and 80s. So interesting to see what’s changed (goodbye Woolworth’s, hello Wholefoods) and what hasn’t (The Egg Store and Turkish mens’ clubs look unchanged, as do the queues for the 73 bus). I’d love to hop in…

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  • Insta-autumn

    October 23rd 2011 katie

    Today was beautiful! Perhaps the last t-shirt weather day of the year. I couldn’t resist snapping loads of photos on my shiny new (well, second-hand but new to me) iPhone 4. I love the new version of Instagram app, and the better camera of the 4 makes a huge difference. I bought this cute case…

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  • London with Lomo’s La Sardina

    October 2nd 2011 katie

    The lovely people at Lomography UK kindly lent me a camera to test drive for the summer. I already have quite a few analogue cameras, from Lomo’s Holga and Diana to Russian classics and a growing Olympus collection – so I picked one of their brand-new offerings, the La Sardina. Obviously I was drawn to…

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