• Kew Gardens

    August 22nd 2011 katie

    Took a trip to Kew Gardens on Sunday because I was sent some blogger review tickets. It was sunny and I got to ride all the way there on the Overground – hurrah! I took my E-P1 armed up with my fun cheap CCTV lens – I love how it kind of adds a random…

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  • I love London

    August 10th 2011 katie

    An extremely sad and scary few days here in London (and the rest of England). Just a reminder, as if it was needed, of how beautiful this city really is. Photos I’ve taken over the last five years of living here:

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  • More Devon: Lee, Lynton, Lynmouth

    August 2nd 2011 katie

    The village of Lynmouth Just down the coast from Lee, the twin villages of Lynton and Lynmouth are a little touristy, but rather pretty all the same. Lots of pubs, chippies and ice cream shops so at least you won’t starve… Cliff railway from Lynmouth to Lynton Built in the late 19th century to link…

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  • North Devon weekend

    July 31st 2011 katie

    Last weekend, we went over to North Devon for a long weekend break with my family. My mum’s from that corner of the country and my grandad’s lived in the tiny coastal village of Lee for as long as I can remember. In fact it’s barely even a village: just a stretch of cottages, a…

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  • Carter’s steam fair

    July 5th 2011 katie

    I do look forward to when Carter’s Steam Fair rolls into town. A travelling funfair firmly inspired by Victorian sideshows and vintage attractions, it’s always a a feast for the eyes — but I’m far too scared to go on any of the rickety rides! I just amuse myself playing on the arcade machines, watching…

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  • Olympus Ecru

    June 9th 2011 katie

    Since I’m a bit of an Olympus camera fangirl (I have the E-P1 as well as two old Oly SLRs and a Trip-35), Josh bought me this beautiful collectors’ Olympus Ecru for our anniversary. A limited edition from 1991, it was designed as a stylish concept camera for the Japanese market, but it also happens…

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  • Primavera Sound

    May 30th 2011 katie

    I had a fabulous few days in Barcelona for the Primavera Sound festival. The weather was kind and the festival site is right next to the sea, so it all felt very holidayish. The music didn’t kick off until the evening, so we got to spend the days in town, eating plenty of tapas (separate…

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  • Spomeniks

    May 11th 2011 katie

    There’s something coldly beautiful about these Brutalist post-war concrete monuments (spomeniks), dotted around former Yugoslavia in Eastern Europe, painstakingly tracked down and photographed by Jan Kempenaers. See more of the series here, and there’s a great article on their creation and documentation here. Share this entry with this shortURL: http://whatkatiedo.es/spomeniks

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  • May Day

    May 3rd 2011 katie

    I didn’t much care for the whole hoopla of the the Royal wedding, but the extra-long 4-day weekend was much appreciated, thanks! And the delightful weather made it all the better to do a little London-touristing and garden-pottering… We took a lovely jaunt to the South Bank which had come over all summer-silliness with beach…

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  • Shopfront type

    April 21st 2011 katie

    Some bonus snaps of sweet signage on the old shop facades around the Chatsworth Road area. Share this entry with this shortURL: http://whatkatiedo.es/shopfronts

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  • Looks like spring

    April 10th 2011 katie

    Judging by these recent snaps from my phone, it’s starting to look a lot like spring has sprung.. Cherry blossoms; fox graffiti; coffee at Bodega 50; cat on bed Cat on bed part 2; Submarine; brunch; silly summer trousers Chilli seeds; cat on bed part 3; garden ‘before’; Battersea Power Station from the train Taken…

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  • Ghost signs & folk type

    March 5th 2011 katie

    I love spotting a nice bit of typography on the street, whether it be freshly hand-painted signage, some battered decaying advertisement, or a vintage relic ‘ghost sign’ sprawled over the side of a building. i’ll always snap a photo if I have my camera on me. Here’s a few I’ve spotted around where I live…

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  • Kinetica 2011

    February 6th 2011 katie

    Some photos and videos from the Kinetica art fair this weekend. I used a little CCTV lens on my E-P1 to take these, same as last year. Patrick Heide’s Tunnel View – what appeared to be a never-ending wormhole of twinkly colour-changing lights. Dancing Robot by GV Art A machine to replicate the finger-operated ‘singing…

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