• Up in the air

    January 31st 2011 katie

    When I got my Lisbon films developed, I found a few more shots from Berlin last summer. I like taking pictures out of the aeroplane window. Share this entry with this shortURL: http://whatkatiedo.es/upintheair

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  • Lisbon on film

    January 27th 2011 katie

    Last Lisbon post I promise: some 35mm photos, taken on my Olympus OM10. My old SLR’s getting a bit creaky – the advance mechanism jammed again and ruined another film (containing all the photos I took of the lovely resident cats at St Jorg castle, sob); I think he needs a service. It was very…

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  • Lisbon tiles

    January 24th 2011 katie

    Lisbon was a visual treat for a pattern field like me. Every other building in the compact, hilly city centre is covered in gorgeous tiles in every shade and motif combo – even the pavements are cobbled in intricate designs. I even picked up a couple from the flea market to bring home, which will…

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  • 2010 in pictures

    December 21st 2010 katie

    I apologise for a rather lazy and self-indulgent post to end the year, but it seemed fitting to do a photo wrap-up as I’ve really enjoyed taking loads of photos this year. It was nice to trawl through my Flickr and pick these favourites from each month – looking back, it’s been a pretty busy…

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  • Open House: Village Underground

    September 22nd 2010 katie

    If you’ve ever walked down Great Eastern Street and seen these old train carriages suspended in the sky – here’s what they look like inside. We had a little tour of Village Underground last weekend, care of Open House – a brilliant initiative where interesting London buildings are open to the public for one weekend…

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  • Vernacular Typography Polaroids

    August 1st 2010 katie

    Gorgeous polaroids taken by Doug Wilson of hand-painted signs all over the USA, collected over seven years. See them all here, and apparently a book is in the pipeline, too. Share this entry with this shortURL: http://whatkatiedo.es/typepolaroids

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  • Under the sea

    July 10th 2010 katie

    These photos taken in the White Sea in Russia are just stunning. Hard to believe some of them are real organisms living on Earth rather than weird alien beings. More on englishRussia shortURLs temporarily offline

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  • Engrained: pinhole cameras

    July 9th 2010 katie

    I’m smitten with these pinhole cameras from Etsy seller Engrained, handmade from reclaimed/upcycled materials, from an iPhone box to vintage books. Below are a few example shots from the cameras – and if you’re not into DIY, readymade photographic prints are also sold in the shop. ShortURLS temporarily offline

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  • Berlin cycle tour

    June 24th 2010 katie

    We’re not usually the touristy-tour types, but were recommended the Fat Tire tours as a great way to see a lot of Berlin’s historic sites in one swoop. We took the tour on Monday afternoon when the scorching-hot weather was a bit more chilled out – not that it was a tough cycle as we…

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  • Berlin: Michelberger hotel

    June 14th 2010 katie

    We stayed at the Michelberger Hotel in Berlin, hopelessly attracted to the shabby-luxe decor exhibited on its strange animated website. Housed in an old factory building in the south-east Friedrichshain area of town, it’s budget-priced but super-stylish. Rooms range from the compact ‘Cosy’ to the larger ‘Luxe’ rooms, which are each done out in a…

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  • Berlin

    June 10th 2010 katie

    Very much enjoyed my long weekend in Berlin. Just got my rolls of films back, here are a few snaps for a start. Keep an eye on my Flickr for lots more, and blog posts on Berlin’s food, street art and history coming soon..!

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  • Recent gigs: Pavement and BIM

    May 24th 2010 katie

    Two rather differing recent gigs, but I’m happy I was able to take some interesting photos at both. Pavement at Brixton Academy, May 13thThe problem with big gigs is they frown on what they consider to be ‘professional’ cameras – which they define as any camera with a detachable lens. My E-P1 falls into this…

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  • Light leak Photoshop effect

    April 29th 2010 katie

    I’ve noticed lately that there’s a trend for photography with a dreamy washed-out rainbow effect which kind of apes a light-leaked film. I’m not generally a fan of faking the natural blips and errors that occur in 35mm film; it often looks overdone and obvious, but I just tried out this effect for fun. The…

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