• My weekend

    August 24th 2009 katie

    It was a gorgeously sunny weekend here in London and I fully made the most of it. Saturday was the Bust Craftacular in Bethnal Green. I went over with some girls from my knitting group; it was an excellent event, probably the best craft fair I’ve been to. A lovely space, a brill pop-up tea…

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  • New from Lomography – Diana Mini

    August 19th 2009 katie

    Lomography has just released their latest plasticy camera of joy, the Diana Mini. I think I need one. First of all, just look at how dinky and tiny and cuuute it is! Second, it’s a more practical choice than its big sister the Diana+ because it takes regular 35mm film rather than the awkward 120…

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  • Weekend in Amsterdam

    August 10th 2009 katie

    We spent last weekend taking little trip over to Amsterdam. It’s the perfect place for a weekend break – a super-quick 40 minute flight from our nearby City Airport, a quick train into town the other side and a stroll to the hotel from there. It’s a great city for exploring by foot (or more…

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  • Olympus E-P1 – review and test shots

    July 5th 2009 katie

    Well, I caved (very rapidly) and bought myself an Olympus E-P1 last Saturday. Judging by the week I’ve had to play with it so far, it was definitely the right buy for me. Because it’s so light and portable, I’ve been happily toting it around with me all week – perfect for travelling. The camera…

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  • Olympus E-P1

    June 17th 2009 katie

    I’ve been hankering after a new digital camera for a while, and since coming into a bit of money lately I decided to splash out on a DSLR. I was all set to buy the Canon 450d as recommended by everyone, until @mrlomo pointed me towards this little beauty, the new Olympus E-P1. Siiiiigh, isn’t…

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  • Yoni update

    May 17th 2009 katie

    I’ve been quite restrained at posting cat photos here, but since Yoni is 5 months old today I thought I’d share my favourites so far. I wish I had a better digital camera! Remember, follow Yoni’s tumblr and my Flickr for loads more photos!

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  • Yoni weekend

    April 19th 2009 katie

    Sorry, apparently I lied when I said I’d try to limit cat-chat on this blog. We’ve had a great first week with our little boy, he’s made himself at home very quickly; he now sits on our laps for strokes and cuddles, loves to play with his mini tennis ball and hand-knitted mouseys and has…

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  • Yoni kitten

    April 16th 2009 katie

    We got a kitten on Tuesday! I’ve wanted a cat since I was a tiny girl but my dad’s allergic so I was never allowed, so I’m pretty excited. I posted an ad on Gumtree on Tuesday morning and luckily the perfect little guy needed a new home right away (due to an allergic owner…

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  • Poke weekend away

    April 7th 2009 katie

    On Friday all us Pokers bundled into the Fun Bus and sped down to Devon for an idyllic weekend in the country. We stayed in a gigantic mansion way out in the middle of nowhere, so of course lots of mayhem ensued.. but have some peaceful idyllic countryside photos instead. Taken with my Fuji digital…

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  • New cameras – Superheadz & 3D Holga

    April 2nd 2009 katie

    Loads of people at Poke are really into their lomography, it’s making me feel guilty for having a shelf full of lovely cameras and hardly ever using any of them. To try and encourage me, I’ve just added this lovely girl to my collection. It’s a Superheadz Golden half frame, which means each frame of…

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  • Columbia Road

    January 18th 2009 katie

    Went down to Columbia Road at the weekend. It’s best known for the flower market, but also contains many cute boutique-y shops and yummy looking cafes. Rob Ryan‘s shop was of course particularly lovely, full of his darling papercuts and screenprints. I tried out my new camera a bit, most notably on this gorgeous kitty…

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  • Brussels pics from the Viv

    August 7th 2008 katie

    A few more Brussels pics from my beloved Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim camera. More on Flickr.

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  • Bruxelles

    August 4th 2008 katie

    Back from a gorgeously sunny long weekend in Brussels. In some ways Brussels reminds me of a much more compact London – the contrast of beautiful centuries-old buildings juxtaposed with streets of kebab shops and tacky souvenir places. We didn’t do an awful lot apart from walk around the cobbled streets, eat a lot, drink…

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