• Panama type

    March 26th 2014 katie
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  • Learning Calligraphy

    January 24th 2013 katie

    Learning proper calligraphy has been top of my to-do list for ages. I’ve been storing up inspiration for ages, and even tried a spot of faking the effect, but nothing beats learning a skill properly. Master letterer Jon Contino is right when he says “Learning calligraphy will give you a much more intimate sense of…

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  • It’s beginning to look a lot like…

    December 17th 2012 katie

    …that time of year. Hat tip to my pal Tammy for giving me the idea for this doodle! Hope you’re mulling all the things in the lead-up to Xmas. I saw a pub offering mulled rum yesterday, now there’s one to try. Despite being cynical and grumpy 90% of the time, I love Christmas time.…

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  • Hackney Wick signage

    July 25th 2012 katie

    Spotted all this gorgeous, mysterious handpainted signage on the walk to Crate in Hackney Wick on Sunday… …A bit of research when I got home led me to discover that it was created by local artists Bread Collective. The murals honour the companies and industries that have been active in the area both past and…

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  • Chalkboard doodles

    April 7th 2012 katie

    I’ve set myself a new little side-project: to practice my hand-lettering skillz by doing a drawing a day on the chalkboard in the kitchen. I’m clearly no Dana Tanamatchi just yet, but it’s fun to practice. Follow the daily updates at A Chalkboard A Day. Psst – if you’re reading in a reader, my blog…

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  • San Fran signage

    November 20th 2011 katie

    I love me some classic Americana typography, so all the signage around SF was a treat to photograph. And it’s even prettier all lit up in neons by night.

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  • Show your working

    September 19th 2011 katie

    There’s nothing like starting a new project with a pad and pen (yes, that might be a new print design in progress)! Always trying to improve my hand-lettering… Creating a pretty mood board… .. and always keeping one toe in the crafty and handmade.

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  • Carter’s steam fair

    July 5th 2011 katie

    I do look forward to when Carter’s Steam Fair rolls into town. A travelling funfair firmly inspired by Victorian sideshows and vintage attractions, it’s always a a feast for the eyes — but I’m far too scared to go on any of the rickety rides! I just amuse myself playing on the arcade machines, watching…

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  • Shopfront type

    April 21st 2011 katie

    Some bonus snaps of sweet signage on the old shop facades around the Chatsworth Road area. Share this entry with this shortURL: http://whatkatiedo.es/shopfronts

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  • Keith Morris calligraphy

    April 14th 2011 katie

    Beautiful classic calligraphy skills from Australian Keith Morris. I especially love seeing the pencil sketches of works in progress. Found via king-george Share this entry with this shortURL: http://whatkatiedo.es/calligraphy

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  • Ghost signs & folk type

    March 5th 2011 katie

    I love spotting a nice bit of typography on the street, whether it be freshly hand-painted signage, some battered decaying advertisement, or a vintage relic ‘ghost sign’ sprawled over the side of a building. i’ll always snap a photo if I have my camera on me. Here’s a few I’ve spotted around where I live…

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  • Vernacular Typography Polaroids

    August 1st 2010 katie

    Gorgeous polaroids taken by Doug Wilson of hand-painted signs all over the USA, collected over seven years. See them all here, and apparently a book is in the pipeline, too. Share this entry with this shortURL: http://whatkatiedo.es/typepolaroids

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  • Jessica Hische letterpress drop caps

    July 29th 2010 katie

    Typographer extraordinaire Jessica Hische has selected her favourite letters from her Daily Drop Caps series and had them beautifully letterpressed in bold red and black. I love the idea of buying a few and spelling out a word with them for a big impact – they’re just $40 each from her store. Here’s a nice…

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