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Ghost signs & folk type

I love spotting a nice bit of typography on the street, whether it be freshly hand-painted signage, some battered decaying advertisement, or a vintage relic ‘ghost sign’ sprawled over the side of a building. i’ll always snap a photo if I have my camera on me. Here’s a few I’ve spotted around where I live and work – I’ve geo-located them all on Flickr if you’d like to go spot them yourself.

ghost sign
walking in Hackney
ghost sign
walking in Hackney

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Vernacular Typography Polaroids

Gorgeous polaroids taken by Doug Wilson of hand-painted signs all over the USA, collected over seven years. See them all here, and apparently a book is in the pipeline, too.

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Jessica Hische letterpress drop caps

Typographer extraordinaire Jessica Hische has selected her favourite letters from her Daily Drop Caps series and had them beautifully letterpressed in bold red and black. I love the idea of buying a few and spelling out a word with them for a big impact – they’re just $40 each from her store.

Here’s a nice video of Jessica talking about her caps and the letterpress printing process, which was shot at her solo show at Art in the Age in Philadelphia.

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Daily Drop Cap

I LOVE this project by type designer extraordinaire Jessica Hische (who I’ve written about before). She’s designing a gorgeous decorative drop-cap for every alphabet letter and releasing one a day. They’re under a Creative Commons licence for free use on blogs, which is a genius idea for getting her work to go viral! Check out all the ones she’s done so far here.

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My handwriting font, care of

Keetra Dean Dixon

I’m a whole lot in love with the typographic-led work of NYC designer/artist Keetra Dean Dixon. Have a look through her extensive portfolio – it’s like being in a fluffy sweetie shop in the clouds. If you don’t don’t leave with a warm and fuzzy feeling, I’m pretty sure you have no soul.

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