• Five Guys

    July 8th 2013 katie

    It’s been a while since I succumbed to some good old new-foody-place hype, especially within the London burger invasion realm: I was over that trend before it even started. But last Thursday – the 4th of July – the stars and stripes aligned and I found myself in a sunny queue for Five Guys in…

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  • Recipe: Polenta ‘lasagne’

    June 15th 2013 katie

    This recipe is a winner! So easy, very few ingredients, but hearty with a massive flavour ‘pow’. Corn-based polenta is lighter on the digestion than wheat lasagne, and cheese aside it’s pretty healthy. I made it for Josh and my sister, and it disappeared too fast to snap a photo – so I’ve done a…

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  • Oistins fish fry

    March 27th 2013 katie

    We spent a fun Friday night in Barbados down at the coastal town of Oistins for its famous Fish Fry night market. It’s undeniably a big tourist draw – we could follow the hoards of white/burnt shoulders to find it – but there were plenty of locals down as well, and it felt like a…

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  • Smitten Kitchen Cookbook: review

    February 27th 2013 katie

    I’m sure that if you’re into blogs and into food, you’ve already seen Smitten Kitchen: a lovely food blog from self-taught cook and photographer Deb Perelman. Her food seems to tread a very clever line: not too saintly-healthy but not dripping in fat either, very rarely a fancy or expensive ingredient, and a love and…

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  • Quorn, mushroom and mustard casserole

    February 24th 2013 katie

    I’m not usually a big fan of fakey meat products – I mean, I’m vegetarian for good reason – but there’s something about the cold weather that makes it appealing to fall back on simple protein-based stews and casseroles for dinner. I made up this recipe when my decidedly-omnivorous sister came round as a substitute…

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  • Recent Eats

    February 12th 2013 katie

    Feeling hungry? Time for a little round up of things I’ve been eating on my way round London lately… First up, Sweet Thursday, a new neighbourhood pizzeria not too far from me in De Beauvoir town. There’s a wine shop out front and a big clay oven out back: my kind of place. The pizza…

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  • Making Chapattis

    February 10th 2013 katie

    Since doing an Indian cooking course and having a gander at the beautiful Prashad cook book, my home curry-making has definitely gone up a notch. In particular, Prashad’s mattar paneer is sure to become a weekday dinner staple: it’s so quick and easy yet authentic-tasting, uses storecupboard/freezer ingredients (did you know paneer freezes?!) and feels…

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  • Bibimbap: Korean stone-pot rice

    January 5th 2013 katie

    Amongst my wonderful Christmas gifts was a bibimbap kit from Sous Chef. It’s a Korean dish literally meaning ‘mixed rice’ – a bowl of rice cooked in a stone pot topped with various vegetables and meat or tofu, finished with an egg and seasoned with hot pepper paste. I’ve been wanting to try it again…

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  • We Feast

    December 8th 2012 katie

    I think We Feast is one of the best street foody eat-ups I’ve been to in a while! It had all the great vibes of the food truck meetup we went to in San Francisco, with bonus Christmassy touches that made it feel lovely and festive. Firstly, it was in a perfect venue – a…

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  • Recipe: veggie tofu ramen bowl

    December 2nd 2012 katie

    Ramen is fast becoming a new foody trend, with lots of new places opening up in town serving delicious bowls of noodles swimming in sweet-sour stock. Unfortunately the key component of traditional ramen is a dollop of sizzling pig fat (along with boiled bones to make the stock), so I can’t indulge in the real…

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  • South Indian cooking at Food at 52

    November 20th 2012 katie

    I bought Josh a South Indian cookery course day at Food at 52 for his birthday last month. It sounded so good that I bought myself a ticket too! South Indian food is one of my favourites – and it happens to be largely vegetarian – but I’ve never been able to master a good…

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  • Dishoom, Shoreditch

    October 28th 2012 katie

    After the joy of Brindisa, it’s marvellous to see another of my favourite London restaurants open up a little closer to home too. Dishoom‘s original site (blogged here) is a sweetly kitsch recreation of a Bombay cafe in Covent Garden. It’s nice to see that for the new site on Boundary Street, Shoreditch, they’ve sized…

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  • Brindisa Tramontana, Shoreditch

    October 24th 2012 katie

    Now that I’m finally over norovirus and a cold, I’m so ready to make up for lost time and start eating my way round London again. On Saturday we finally got around to visiting the new(ish) Tramontana Brindisa in Shoreditch. I was pleased when they opened up nearer home, replacing the sadly overrated raw vegetarian…

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