• Weekend staycation in London: part 1

    October 3rd 2010 katie

    Well, despite the near-constant rain we had a very fun staycation weekend. We kicked off on Thursday; after some drinks to see Nicky off to New Zealand, we grabbed a bite to eat at Chaat, a little Bangladeshi eatery on Redchurch Street. Unfortunately the food didn’t really live up to the tasty-sounding menu or convivial…

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  • Recent Eats: summer edition

    August 4th 2010 katie

    It already looks like summer has passed in this corner of England – last month was glorious but it’s been dreary the last couple of weeks. I hope it comes back again, mostly because I love summer food! For me, the perfect warm-weather food is Meditarranean/Mexican inspired – lots of fresh veggies pepped up with…

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  • Berlin: food

    June 12th 2010 katie

    I had high hopes for eating in Berlin. Not, unfortunately, for traditional German food – all that bratwurst is no good for a veggie – but it’s famously a city that loves its long brunches and kaffee und kuchen breaks, as well as having a reputation for good Asian food including Thai and Vietnamese. I…

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  • Recent Eats

    May 14th 2010 katie

    It’s nice to be – finally, and haltingly – moving into warmer weather, shaking off the winter comfort food and bringing in lighter, healthier options. Wahaca, one of my favourite restaurants, launched their summer menu last week and they really focus on seasonal produce which is great. Here are my thoughts on just some of…

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  • The Flexitarian cook book

    March 26th 2010 katie

    This Flexitarian cookbook looks like a great little project. The brainchild of 3 ladies – a designer, a writer and a chef – the book aims to please veggie and meat-eaters alike with simple, accessible recipes. With teaser recipes including Maple Ginger Cookies and Truffled Cauliflower Soup, it sounds like it will be a nice…

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  • Recipe look

    February 17th 2010 katie

    Aww, I love this new site Recipe Look, combining as it does two of my favourite things – food and cute illustrations, all user-submitted and curated into blog form. I’ve been considering making a little illustrated cookbook/zine for a while so maybe I will submit something to this site as a warm-up!

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  • Japanese cooking class

    January 27th 2010 katie

    Ever since getting back from Japan, one of the (many) things I’ve been pining for is the food. Simple, light, fresh and nearly always delicious, it’s a fantastic cuisine. I’ve read two books on it in quick succession and have attempted a few dishes using tofu and miso paste. The results have been nice and…

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  • What Katie Eats

    January 26th 2010 katie

    I go through phases with cooking.. sometimes it’s a dull chore when I get in from work, I’m uninspired as to what to cook and usually end up with packet pasta with jarred pesto. But at the moment I’m finding it really fun and exciting. I signed up to the BBC Good Food site which…

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  • Cramique

    January 10th 2010 katie

    Until recently, I thought that Cramique was something dreamed up by my Belgian great-grandma, a delicious treat of slightly sweet, crumbly bread that my grandma still bakes for breakfast every Christmas. But actually I realised it’s a national Belgian dish. Similar to a brioche but more buttery and with a denser crumb, it’s delicious with…

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  • Sausage, pepper and lentil casserole – recipe

    November 30th 2009 katie

    I’ve been steadily getting more ‘into’ cooking lately – rather than it be a end-of-day chore I try to find some interesting and fun things to cook, especially on lazy Sundays. I have a chunky folder full of recipe clippings from magazines, and most of the things on my Christmas list are kitchen accessories! Being…

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  • Frugal food

    September 20th 2009 katie

    After spending so much on Japan (and trying to save some spending money), we’re trying to be a bit more frugal at home. Inspired by the great show Economy Gastronomy that’s just finished on BBC2, we’ve been trying to buy and cook food more cleverly to save money. It’s working pretty well and we’re actually…

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