• Posh pasta

    August 25th 2012 katie

    I really enjoyed watching Michela Chiappa‘s recent Italian cooking series on Channel 4. The short series went from the basics of pasta making up to showstopping occasion pasta. Lots of veggie stuff too that was more exciting than the standard Italian fare too, like these ‘Nidi’ rolled pancakes. Pic: Channel 4 Food I’ve already had…

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  • Recent eats: in & out

    July 23rd 2012 katie

    Time for a roundup of what I’ve been eating lately. Sorry for mostly iPhone pics, my semi-broken camera means I don’t carry it around as much as usual.. Wahaca We went to the soft launch of the new Wahaca on the South Bank. It’s constructed from shipping containers, beautifully designed and decorated, and the menu…

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  • Recipe: Tofu garden scramble

    April 19th 2012 katie

    I’ve had a sore tummy for the last couple of weeks so I’ve been trying to cut down my wheat intake, which (unfortunately) seems to be helping it to settle down. Sob – bye bye Pasta Sundays for now! To be veggie and wheat-free requires a bit of creative thinking – and shows how me…

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  • Pasta Sundays: Orecchiette & aubergine

    March 26th 2012 katie

    For this week’s pasta dinner I made orecchiette – one of my favourites but sometimes hard to find in the shops. The name means ‘little ears’ and they are thickish little domes of pasta with more bite than some of the usual shapes. I didn’t quite nail the cut ‘n’ roll technique so mine turned…

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  • Recipe: roasted vegetable lasagne

    March 11th 2012 katie

    It was starting to feel like ages since I’d properly cooked anything – been really busy with work lately, plus another cat in the household = busy times! So I made sure to uphold Pasta Sunday this weekend, my mini-mission to try using my pasta machine for a different dish every week. So far we’ve…

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  • Homemade pasta

    February 12th 2012 katie

    It’s obviously a sign of getting old that my idea of a really fun Saturday night these days is having the luxury of time to spend hours making something interesting for dinner. I got a pasta machine for my birthday last month, so this week’s culinary adventure was making tortellini and ravioli from scratch. I’ve…

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  • Cooking with Tim Anderson

    January 27th 2012 katie

    I’m kind of a Masterchef fangirl – in fact, I love any cookery show on TV – so when Handpicked Media extended an invite to a cookery demo night with last year’s champ Tim Anderson I jumped at it. I loved Tim’s cooking on the show – a modern fusion-y take on Japanese – and…

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  • Recipe: healthy(ish) polenta pizza

    January 3rd 2012 katie

    I’m definitely feeling quite sluggish and podgy after an indulgent Christmas, so it’s – cliched – time for some healthy eating. I got some lovely recipe books as gifts so I’ve been leafing through and making notes of some to try, but here’s one I made up after finding a bag of polenta meal in…

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  • Healthy Japanese pumpkin curry: recipe

    October 7th 2011 katie

    Mmmm, I love me a Japanese-style curry: popularly known as katsu and made of breaded deep-fried pork fillet (katsu means pork in Japanese) covered in rich curry sauce, veggie versions with pumpkin croquettes are often found in restaurants too. I made a healthier version at home using shallow-fried seasonal squash and green beans, and making…

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  • Vegetarian tofu bánh mi: recipe

    September 11th 2011 katie

    Bánh mi is a South-East Asian sandwich made with a French baguette (an adoption from France’s colonial rule) and filled with spicy barbecued filling – usually meat – and a crunchy pickled raw vegetable salad for contrast. I first ate one in Japan, and since then several bánh mi joints have popped up in London…

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  • Late summer eats

    August 29th 2011 katie

    Is summer really over now? Judging by the weather and my increasing tendency towards hoodies and comfort food, it might be heading that way… here’s some of the autumnal-tinged things I’ve been cooking lately. Wholemeal bagels, which I’ll look forward to eating for my breakfast this week. I used the same recipe as last time,…

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  • Summer recipes: samphire and courgette flowers

    June 27th 2011 katie

    A delightfully sunny weekend and an inspiring trip to Maltby Street market (about which more later..) put me right in the mood for lovely summery food using delicious in-season vegetables. I’ve written up the recipes below, let me know if you have a go making them. What’s your favourite summer food? I’ve been looking for…

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  • Baking Sundays

    April 12th 2011 katie

    I think I’m slowly getting the hang of this baking lark: a good oven and digital weighing scale work wonders. I’m trying to bake something every Sunday to take into work on Monday morning — I think my colleagues are happy being guinea pigs! Above are this week’s effort, bagels from this great recipe –…

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