• Makin’ cider

    October 21st 2013 katie

    Ugh, autumn is truly here isn’t it? I swear it got dark at 3pm yesterday, so miserable. In my mind the only good things about the gloomy seasons are of the edible and quaffable varieties: a few months of soups, stews and mulled things make it all bearable. So I was happy to get an…

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  • About the house 5

    August 5th 2013 katie

    A few updates from the house, garden, and furry ones… We solved our kitchen storage dilemma with this lovely Lean Man console from And Then Design. I just love it – it’s perfect for the space, beautifully made, and I can finally fulfil my dream of having grains, pulses and sugar stored in twee vintage…

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  • Blooming garden

    June 30th 2013 katie

    What a gorgeous weekend! We took the chance to get out and finish off our little outside space. I’m really pleased with how it’s looking now. It’s like having an extra room when the sun shines, and the west-facing aspect means it’s especially nice in the evenings for a post-work drinky. Here’s some before shots.…

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  • Autumn garden

    October 13th 2012 katie

    Sooo. We didn’t quite get the garden finished in time to enjoy any of summer in it. But at least I got a few plants in so it looks a little less bare over the winter, and we can really go to town next spring. Colour from a Japanese maple and pink heather I planted…

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