• New bathroom

    June 16th 2012 katie

    Our new new bathroom is done! This is kind of the second renovation that this tiny room has seen. Here’s the very-before, during, and before: We redid the room in a bit of a rush when we first moved in because it was so grim, and I still like the simple modern suite, slate floor…

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  • My home in Dashing mag

    May 10th 2012 katie

    Ooh – really excited to see some snaps of my home in the latest edition of gorgeous e-magazine Dashing. They did a lovely job with the spread and somehow managed to make the house look much nicer than it really is (especially at the moment, since it’s depressingly half-buried under cat fur and dirty dishes).…

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  • Sun sun sun

    March 24th 2012 katie

    A gorgeous sunny Saturday, I love it! We took some beers to the park and had the garden designer round to start planning our new outdoor space – just in time for the warm weather. Our garden – more of a yard, really – is pretty tiny but just the right space for some seating…

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  • A little room rearrange

    February 3rd 2012 katie

    I gave my little home study-come-craft room a much-needed tidy up and rearrange recently. The space works so much better now! I ditched my old desk (it found a new home thanks to Gumtree) which was much too big for the room, and instead made my own with an Unto This Last custom-cut top and…

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  • Little house updates

    October 14th 2011 katie

    We’ve been really lazy with doing house stuff the last few months. Apart from converting the spare cloakroom into a storage/laundry room we haven’t really done much at all. But very soon we’re about to get huge fitted sliding-door wardrobes installed in the bedroom, which means we can finally sort that room out and get…

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  • Pretty pots

    April 2nd 2011 katie

    A pretty new teapot and vase for the kitchen, found in The Ark, a little gem of a homeware/gift shop on an unlikely stretch of Kingsland Road. It stocks Orla Kiely, Rob Ryan, Joseph Joseph.. a proprietor with good taste. Plus these were both under £10! Oh, and the table runner is from H&M Home.…

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  • Boy Den

    March 15th 2011 katie

    Here’s a few pics of Josh’s boy den in our house, now that we’re finally able to stop using it as a dumping ground while other stuff gets done! He made his desk from a reclaimed school laboratory top found in Retrovius on some Ikea trestles. Lots of framed art and ephemera Plumen bulb in…

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  • New kitchen

    February 26th 2011 katie

    Our lovely new kitchen/dining/living room is all finished. Well, not quite finished — some little touches still to do — but I thought I’d better take pictures now as it’ll never look this clean and tidy again! Here’s the obligatory ‘before’: one long room with lots of orange-veneered chipboard and boring whitewashed walls. Besides from…

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  • Kitchen moodboard

    February 3rd 2011 katie

    We were supposed to be a week into having our new kitchen built by now, but unfortunately things didn’t quite go to plan so it’s starting a week late, leaving us with a half-destroyed old kitchen and boxes everywhere. Quite distressing to live in – but it will all be worth it when the new…

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  • Yellow & grey…

    January 9th 2011 katie

    …Such a lovely colour combo, no? Our sofa already had that scheme and we’ve carried it through the living room with a lambswool blanket from Primrose & Plum, cushion from Roddy & Ginger and vintage chairs reupholstered in Japanese linen (thank you, Mum!). Here’s the before-and-during of the chairs. I used a mix of sandpaper,…

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  • Arty house

    January 3rd 2011 katie

    We’ve spent the days between Christmas and New Year doing some jobs around the house – mostly drilling into the walls to put up art and shelving. It’s starting to look much more homely now. The living room has a red and gold scheme against the pale grey walls. We’re just waiting to put up…

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  • New house: we’re in!

    November 30th 2010 katie

    After a rather exhausting couple of weeks, we’re in our new house. We’re still rather surrounded by unpacked boxes but we’ve got a little bit of renovation done already. The first thing we did on getting the keys was start ripping out the bathroom ready for the builder to come in and give us a…

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