• Brighton home buys

    February 4th 2013 katie

    I brought back a few souvenirs for the house from Brighton, and gave the fireplace yet another rearrange… I was happy to spot the Cable & Cotton shop in Brighton as I’d been hovering over the ‘buy’ button on their website for a while, after seeing their lovely bespokely-coloured bauble lights on Kerry’s blog. The…

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  • About the house 4

    January 9th 2013 katie

    It feels quite strange to be done with all the ‘big’ house renovations, at least until the summer when we can finish off the garden. We just have a small list of tasks for the coming months: a bit of repainting, some built-in bookshelves in the bedroom and, less excitingly, to fix the mysterious patch…

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  • Urban Outfitters Home

    November 16th 2012 katie

    I’m pleased to see that Urban Outfitters UK is taking a leaf out of the US’s book and adding more homewares to its range. Much of it is online only, but there’s a great selection of rugs, bedding, storage and knick-knacks. And isn’t the photo styling nice and enticing? Rugs starting at just £12. I…

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  • About the house 3

    October 21st 2012 katie

    Finally, finally found the (nearly) perfect bedside table, after months of eBay saved searches and keeping eyes peeled at every vintage store and market. Simple, stylish, good storage, matches the other unit and the bed well. Welcome to the family. I was asked to post an update about whether this gadget has changed our drinking…

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  • Autumn garden

    October 13th 2012 katie

    Sooo. We didn’t quite get the garden finished in time to enjoy any of summer in it. But at least I got a few plants in so it looks a little less bare over the winter, and we can really go to town next spring. Colour from a Japanese maple and pink heather I planted…

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  • Design Junction

    September 23rd 2012 katie

    I meant to visit loads of London Design Festival stuff, but ended up being quite lazy/disorganised last week and ended up just going to Design Junction on Saturday. Worked out pretty well though since it seemed to be all of the coolest stuff, housed in an awesome old sorting office warehouse. Fernandez & Wells popup…

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  • Midcentury style at Fashion For Home

    September 13th 2012 katie

    There’s some great mid-century modern inspired furniture pieces to be found at Berlin-based Fashion For Home. The site is new to the UK and focuses on innovative and stylish home furniture from an international team of designers. They manage to keep the prices low without sacrificing quality and workmanship by avoiding middlemen along the supply…

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  • Hot and cold, on tap

    September 8th 2012 katie

    Okay, I don’t take many blog freebies but I couldn’t resist this one since it’s a house-y luxury I would have loved to buy but couldn’t afford when we were doing up the kitchen. The Virgin Pure is a new worktop ‘water bar’ that purifies your tap water and provides instant boiling or cool water…

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  • About the house 2

    August 28th 2012 katie

    Not much has changed around here since my last About the house, but since I keep snapping little shots to try out my new camera I thought I’d share. Always rearranging the mantelpiece Picked up this sweet little dresser from a new vintage shop in Stoke Newington. It was only £125 and fits in great.…

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  • About the house

    July 15th 2012 katie

    While I wait for work on our garden to begin (NEXT WEEK! I hope we didn’t miss the whole summer…) I can’t resist giving the house little tweaks: shifting some pictures around… Hanging a new-old mirror in the hall… A new bed, still without bedside tables Trinkets and cushions.

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  • Our Copenhagen Airbnb

    June 27th 2012 katie

    So we spent the long weekend in Copenhagen, and I have billion blog posts drafted up! First up the best bit, our dreamy apartment. We finally used Airbnb for the first time, and I’m so glad we did. We stayed in the most beautiful apartment…

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  • New bathroom

    June 16th 2012 katie

    Our new new bathroom is done! This is kind of the second renovation that this tiny room has seen. Here’s the very-before, during, and before: We redid the room in a bit of a rush when we first moved in because it was so grim, and I still like the simple modern suite, slate floor…

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  • My home in Dashing mag

    May 10th 2012 katie

    Ooh – really excited to see some snaps of my home in the latest edition of gorgeous e-magazine Dashing. They did a lovely job with the spread and somehow managed to make the house look much nicer than it really is (especially at the moment, since it’s depressingly half-buried under cat fur and dirty dishes).…

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