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Well we had a pretty intense weekend with a very long to-do list of house tasks: mostly involving cleaning, removing and assembling stuff. But there was definite light at the end of the tunnel by Sunday evening, and the best part was finally finishing off the bedroom. It’s been a long time coming… soon after moving in we wallpapered and painted the walls, bought some cheap curtains and put in a fitted wardrobe, but it was full of old mismatched furniture from our previous rentals and needed tying together. After this weekend – nearly three years after moving it – I’m calling it done! And I love the result. Let’s take a tour…


Here’s the view from the door. The bed is the Lansdowne from which I’ve been very pleased with – it’s super comfy and sturdily constructed and I love the padded headboard for reading. The reading spotlights were supposed to be wired in but our wall wasn’t suitable so we had them adapted to be plugged with a coloured flex. I got two sets of Orla Kiely stem-print bedding while it was on sale at Achica. The wallpaper is Cole & Sons ‘Trees’.


We were going to get a custom bookcase built to fit this annoying sticky-out bit of wall, but then found this John Lewis one that was the perfect width to fit. I built and installed it single-handed on Sunday morning, then tried – and got bored – colour-coding our books.


View from the far corner by the window. Like the living room we’ve got a lot of mid-century style wooden furniture in here. It took quite a long time to source each one and get a set that sort-of matches and suits our storage needs. The latest addition is this adorable sideboard from Hopper and Space.


Hello mirror-me! The dresser by the window serves as my vanity area and storage for more books.


This room’s a little lighter on the art and clutter than the rest of the flat – for now anyway. I’m not really sold on this wall config, but I love both my Kozyndan bunny prints and the vintage letterpress sketches, and it’s a big wall to fill. Maybe I’ll put all four bunnies along here and the letters above the bed.


There’s a touch of vintage pottery and indoor planting going on in here too. The pussywillow branches and aloe vera are from Columbia Road market – a treat on Sunday afternoon after the hard work. Pro tip: get there around 4pm as the traders are packing up and you’ll get a bargain.


Our coats and laundry are tucked away behind the door. We got the big fitted wardrobe built across the back wall a little while ago. It’s not exactly beautiful, but it stores a hell of a lot of stuff – all of our clothes, spare bed linen, suitcases etc. Debating switching the handles and maybe adding some kind of decal to the doors to make it a bit prettier.


I think this means it comes cat-approved. He pleasingly fits the colour scheme, too.


Wallpaper: Cole & Son ‘Trees’
Paint: Dulux ‘Egyptian Cotton’
Wardrobe: Sliderobes doors and custom-made frame
Bedding: Orla Kiely via Achica
Lights: Garden Trading, adapted to be plugged with Fabric Cable flex
Bookcase: John Lewis
Mirror, dresser, pictures, bedside table, vases, pots: secondhand/vintage

Recently tumbld: Interiors


In the absence of anything more interesting to share, I thought I’d do a round-up of some of my favourite things I’ve added to my interiors Tumblr lately. We’re not planning to move for at least a year or two, but looking at lovely photos sure makes me want to move and start afresh with all our interior design!


Got such a thing for minimal white/wood kitchens right now. Unfortunately I think I’m too much of a maximalist – especially when it comes to kitchenalia – to ever make this look work. (Sources: 1,2,3,4,5).


A couple of super sexy bathrooms (Sources: 1,2). Walk-in shower is number one on our priorities list for next house.


I’d try to work in this Step bathroom sink too – the wooden drainage board shelf is so smart.


Loving the bare polished plaster fireplace (via Ann Lowe)


Wouldn’t this shelf be perfect beside the bed or a cosy reading chair?


I haven’t ever posted about our bedroom’s interior design – I will soon! We just ordered this lean bookcase to replace the ubiquitous Ikea Billy, but we’re still looking out for one more small storage unit to make it complete. I love the ledge and leather-handled cupboards here – might be a nice quick update of our cupboard doors to try something similar.

You can follow my interiors Tumblr here.

Plots & plans


With holidays over, we’re planning a few tweaks and improvements round the house at the moment.


We’ve been planning to paint the chimney breast a darker shade of grey for ages, and I think we’ve found a good grey (Little Greene’s Lead). I think the Photoshop mockup shows it will look pretty cool, and draw even more attention to the pretty fireplace.

We also need some new curtains made, as the current ones are too flimsy and I don’t really like the pattern any more. I really love the grey arrows fabric above right (from Spoonflower) but just weeping over the expense at 9 yards of it plus insulating lining right now.


This space is really bugging me at the moment. We’ve got quite a narrow walk-through past the kitchen breakfast bar to get into the living room, and at the moment it’s basically a dumping ground for coats, the hoover, recycling bags and so on. I’d like to make better use of it, and it would be useful to have a ledge of some sort there for dumping keys and post, but it can’t stick out too far or it will get constantly knocked. There’s also an ugly radiator in the way! Thinking a kitchen island/trolley of some sort but haven’t found any thin enough (sub-40cm). Any ideas?

I also want to paint the bit of wall on the left as you walk in (behind the bin) in a chalkboard paint, but can’t decide whether to go right up to the ceiling or cut it off where doorway ends.


Finally, a quicker win. I found these adorable push pins in Paperchase so I want to decorate an old corkboard to match them. I’ll either just paint it or cover it in a cute fabric.

Brighton home buys

Brighton home buys

I brought back a few souvenirs for the house from Brighton, and gave the fireplace yet another rearrange…

Brighton home buys

I was happy to spot the Cable & Cotton shop in Brighton as I’d been hovering over the ‘buy’ button on their website for a while, after seeing their lovely bespokely-coloured bauble lights on Kerry’s blog. The shop’s a fun experience where you can fill a basket with your selection of colours from the containers, then you receive your appropriately-sized fairylight cable at the till. We picked some tones of yellow and grey to sit in our non-functional fireplace and make it feel a bit more cosy.

Brighton home buys

I’ve got a bit of a thing for West German / lava / studio pottery at the moment – again I blame blogs for kicking off this obsession, namely Fat Cat whose collection I’ve been coveting for a while. They remind me a little of the stuff my parents and aunt had when I was growing up, so there’s a certain nostalgia to my fondness for it. Sadly (or perhaps a bit luckily) it’s not Josh’s aesthetic cup of tea at all so I can’t go mad and buy loads to throw onto every spare bit of shelf, but I think a few selected pieces in more muted tones look great.

Brighton home buys
Brighton home buys

I got the Colin Pearson stoneware goblets from the Marina Car Boot for a fiver, and the brown tenmoku vase and candle dish from the Kemp Town Flea Market, £9 for the two.

About the house 4

It feels quite strange to be done with all the ‘big’ house renovations, at least until the summer when we can finish off the garden. We just have a small list of tasks for the coming months: a bit of repainting, some built-in bookshelves in the bedroom and, less excitingly, to fix the mysterious patch of damp that’s appeared in the hallway. Right now I am just finding homes for all of my Christmas presents…

About the house

My mantelpiece aviary has grown and nestled amongst some vintage boxes

About the house

Cat and pots in the bedroom (the middle vase is from the Habitat sale, rest are vintage)

About the house
About the house

Kitchen updates: box from Josh (via Ebay), Lush Designs tray from my aunt and Lisa Stickley oven glove.

About the house

Josh is having a bit of a rearrange in his man den, with a new chest of drawers on the way.

Owl & pussycat

Oh hello, another owl, guarded by the pussycat.

Urban Outfitters Home

I’m pleased to see that Urban Outfitters UK is taking a leaf out of the US’s book and adding more homewares to its range. Much of it is online only, but there’s a great selection of rugs, bedding, storage and knick-knacks. And isn’t the photo styling nice and enticing?

Rugs starting at just £12. I fancy a bright floral one to give some colour to my study.

Storage and shelving. How cute is that heart-shaped curio shelf and little retro record stand (which I nearly bought as a bedside table)? I hope they get more of the US furniture stock in because they have some great sideboards, coffee tables and sofas on there.

I really, really don’t need more cushions (I had to retire some the other day to actually fit myself on the sofa) but omg, kittens and foxes.

Love these neon letter lights, £40 each

Brilliant graphic duvet covers

Is anything on your wishlist?

Not a sponsored post, I just love this range!

About the house 3

About the house
About the house

Finally, finally found the (nearly) perfect bedside table, after months of eBay saved searches and keeping eyes peeled at every vintage store and market. Simple, stylish, good storage, matches the other unit and the bed well. Welcome to the family.

About the house

I was asked to post an update about whether this gadget has changed our drinking habits – and look ma, no kettle. We get all our hot and cold water from the Virgin Pure now so it’s ben retired to the cupboard for the time being. I certainly drink more cold water from it rather than buy juice all the time, and the instant hot water for tea is starting to prove its worth at this time of year. Thumbs up.

About the house
About the house

Beer, beer, everywhere. Any tips for upright storage of beer? (Putting bottles on their side shakes up all the sediment, y’know.) Thinking an old soda crate maybe.

About the house

Vintage map of Japan

About the house
About the house

Cosy living room ready for winter

Autumn garden

Autumn garden

Sooo. We didn’t quite get the garden finished in time to enjoy any of summer in it. But at least I got a few plants in so it looks a little less bare over the winter, and we can really go to town next spring.

Autumn gardenAutumn garden
Autumn garden
Colour from a Japanese maple and pink heather

Autumn garden
Autumn garden

I planted some winter onions, which are just beginning to peep out. Going to try some garlic, too.

Autumn garden

Managed to get a few tiny chillies off my plant grown from Wahaca seeds.

Autumn garden

Handy herbs by the back door.

Garden cats

…If nothing else, it’s definitely the cat party garden.

Midcentury style at Fashion For Home

There’s some great mid-century modern inspired furniture pieces to be found at Berlin-based Fashion For Home. The site is new to the UK and focuses on innovative and stylish home furniture from an international team of designers. They manage to keep the prices low without sacrificing quality and workmanship by avoiding middlemen along the supply process, and are environmentally conscious.

I’m mentally re-dressing my home with these pieces…

The Paddington 3-seater sofa has an elegant 50’s look.

Copine dining set – white and wood is a lovely combo.

Vio range – I do love a hairpin leg. This range was designed by Tobias Jacobsen (grandson of legendary designer Arne Jacobsen) inspired by the curves of a violin.

The very Mad Men Bentwood shelves and Dowel armchair

The Studio Copenhagen brand is responsible for my favourite finds, unsurprisingly.

Do you like? Visit for more and follow them on Twitter.

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