New on Etsy: Large art prints


Just a quick one to say that my Etsy shop is back online, and now I have some brilliant larger (A3) size versions of some of my favourite prints – Tea & Books in grey/yellow and green/blue, and Coffee Spoons – up for grabs.



And for all of next month I’m donating a proportion of each sale to International Cat Care, a charity who help cats in lots of ways, from promoting proper welfare to providing advice to vets and owners. (The rest will go towards Yoni’s astronomical vet bills.) So pop on over and pick up a print!

Reminder: fair tomorrow

A little reminder that I’m doing the Cabbages & Kings designer-maker fair tomorrow at Abney hall on Stoke Newington Church Street. Tonight is all last-minute prep!

I can’t promise that Wonder Cat himself will make an appearance, but as you can see he’s applied his rigorous quality control…

Two new prints

Leaves print
Coffee print

Happy Monday! There are two new print designs up in my Etsy shop today.

Leaves print
Leaves print

I hate autumn for being the dreary gateway to the gloom of winter, but I can’t help but be cheered by the lovely leaf colours as they fall, so this print is a reminder that even dark times have their upsides.

Coffee print
Coffee print

I couldn’t carry on having a tea print in my shop without a coffee one too – both drinks have an equal place in my heart. I’m pleased with how the hand-drawn type and coffee-ink effect (made with real coffee) worked out on this one.

They’re both up for grabs in my Etsy shop right now. Hope you like!