• Vintage trinkets in my Etsy shop

    October 17th 2013 katie

    Just a quick one to say that I’ve added a new section to my Etsy shop with some midcentury, vintage and antique bits and bobs. My collection is just getting too big and some has to go! Head over here to take a look, before I change my mind and keep it all.

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  • New on Etsy: Large art prints

    June 21st 2013 katie

    Just a quick one to say that my Etsy shop is back online, and now I have some brilliant larger (A3) size versions of some of my favourite prints – Tea & Books in grey/yellow and green/blue, and Coffee Spoons – up for grabs. And for all of next month I’m donating a proportion of…

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  • Reminder: fair tomorrow

    November 23rd 2012 katie

    A little reminder that I’m doing the Cabbages & Kings designer-maker fair tomorrow at Abney hall on Stoke Newington Church Street. Tonight is all last-minute prep! I can’t promise that Wonder Cat himself will make an appearance, but as you can see he’s applied his rigorous quality control…

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  • Me-designed Christmas cards in my shop

    November 17th 2012 katie

    If you haven’t bought your Christmas cards yet, I have some up for sale in my shop, with colourful washi tree or retro bauble designs. You can buy in packs of 5 or single ones. P.S If you want to see my stuff in person, it will all be for sale at the Cabbages &…

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  • New! Wonder Cat and Printing Office posters

    November 13th 2012 katie

    New in my Etsy shop, updated designs of my Wonder Cat and Printing Office posters. You can pick up Wonder Cat here and Printing Office here.

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  • Two new prints

    October 22nd 2012 katie

    Happy Monday! There are two new print designs up in my Etsy shop today. I hate autumn for being the dreary gateway to the gloom of winter, but I can’t help but be cheered by the lovely leaf colours as they fall, so this print is a reminder that even dark times have their upsides.…

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  • I’m on Fab UK

    June 22nd 2012 katie

    Hello from beautiful Copenhagen! Just wanted to let you know that some of my designed and vintage prints are up for sale on the brand new FAB UK this week. Go have a look!

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  • New in store: tea & cameras

    March 23rd 2012 katie

    A couple of new additions to my Etsy store this fine sunny Friday. I have reissued my Tea & Books print after the first edition sold out. It’s now printed digitally so I can be more flexible with colourways – I love this grass green & navy and there will be more added soon. I’ve…

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  • Emergency tea print now for sale

    February 28th 2012 katie

    New in my Etsy shop today, this Emergency Tea print that I posted about a while ago. Hope you like it! Pick one up here. P.S. Just two more days left to enter my Moo giveaway

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  • Red food poster up on Etsy

    February 10th 2012 katie

    Just a quickie to say my Food poster is now available in a lovely Heinz-tomato-soup red. Mmm, I feel warmer just looking at it. Pick one up here!

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  • Etsy update: new booksy print

    December 14th 2011 katie

    My new print design is finally ready and up in my shop! Inspired by a CS Lewis quotation that I thoroughly agree with, it’s a two-colour screenprint onto recycled paper stock. And just in time for Christmas if you’re in the UK! Pick it up for £10 right here. There’s also a special 10% discount…

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  • Lil’ peek

    October 31st 2011 katie

    Some details from my new screenprint design, which will hopefully be in up for sale right after I get back from San Fran, along with yet another reprint of ol’ Wonder Cat. Just in time for Christmas shopping, fancy that! I love this print, hope you do too when all is revealed…

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  • Etsy finds: prints and patterns

    September 6th 2011 katie

    Some pretty patterned finds that have caught my eye on Etsy lately… These woollen cushion covers with a Navajo pattern by Little Byrd Vintage look so cosy. Delicious screenprinted linen/cotton blended fabrics – ready-made into bags and pouches, if you wish – from bookhou at home. I’m smitten with Jane Foster‘s colourful Scandinavian designs, especially…

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