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Twelve reasons to visit Japan

Kofukuji Temple, Nara

I have major wanderlust at the moment, specifically Japan-lust. Here are twelve reasons why…

Shinjuku crossing

1. The way that Tokyo is so hectic, yet so organised, friendly and polite that you feel peaceful in the middle of the chaos.
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Japan video

Japan 2009 - Tokyo

I can’t believe that it’s been almost 2 years since our amazing trip to Japan. Luckily we’ve just booked another big holiday to San Francisco so I’m not wallowing too much – we’re even staying in Japantown in SF, and I think another trip to Japan will be on the cards next year. My memory was jogged because Josh has just finished putting together this awesome video for one of his music tracks, using loads of the footage we shot over there.

[vimeo clip_id=”28635424″ width=”640″ height=”400″]

And I went back through my iPhoto and uploaded some more photos that I didn’t share first time round. Lots more on Flickr here, here and here.

Japan 2009 - Tokyo
Japan 2009 - Tokyo
Japan 2009 - Tokyo
Japan 2009 - Tokyo
Japan 2009 - Tokyo
Japan 2009 - Tokyo
Japan 2009 - Tokyo

Japanese stationery

One of my favourite things about running my little Etsy shop is packaging up my orders to send. Mostly because I get to crack out the Japanese sticky tape that I collect and hoard obsessively… I scanned some in for your viewing pleasure.

And how sweet is this little post-it-note cat – the package even contained little cardboard feet to stand up the notes on the backing board. Clever Japanese innovation! ♥

Check out Artbox and Yozo Craft for similar goodies. Oh, and here’s a few new items from my Etsy shop in case you fancy receiving a fancily-wrapped package yourself!

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Japan videos

I forgot until quite recently that I took a load of video footage on my E-P1 when we were in Japan last year. Josh is editing it all into a music video at the moment as he’s much more au fait with this kind of thing than me – my ‘skillz’ extend to a tiny bit of levels/colour tweaking in iMovie. I’ll post the finished video when he’s done, but here are a few clips. Watching them again makes me miss Japan a whole lot :(

Playing with a sweet kitty in one of the many cat cafes we visited – Cha Ma Mo in Harajuku

Sunrise from the shinkansen bullet train as we sped back to the airport from Kyoto (nearly missing our flight in the process)

Metro train in Tokyo – I miss the robot-voice lady.

Beautiful city even blurry in the rain.

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OM10 and Diana+ in Japan

Here are yet more Japan photos, from my old Olympus OM10 camera. It’s so exciting getting old-skool films back in the post, and it brought back all the good memories of the trip looking through them.

Deer in Nara
Temples in Nara
I was a bit distraught to find 2 of my 7 films had somehow got jammed and not advanced properly between shots, so I have 24 images all multi-exposed in one frame. I’m trying to pick out all the would-be images from the jumble…

24 photos in one frame
24 photos in one frame

And here are a few from the Diana+. After all the precise metering and focussing of the OM10 I found Diana a bit frustratingly unpredictable and uncontrollable, but I still like these shots. I’ve put the prints into a little album I bought in Tokyo as a nice alternative memorial of the trip.

Diana+ JPN Diana+ JPN
Diana+ JPN Diana+ JPN
Diana+ JPN Diana+ JPN

Lots more on Flickr.

Kawaii Japan goodies

Shopping in Japan – especially Tokyo – was so immense. I’m going to be paying off my credit card until next year, but how could I fail to stock up on all this cute stuff?

Japanese notebook
Sweet notebook

Japanese stickers
Mini toy camera stickers, what could be cuter?

Japanese stickers
More stickers. Can YOU understand this variation?

Japanese paper
Notepaper that folds into a papercraft cat head. This little San-x character, Kutusita nyanko, is so cute and I haven’t seen any other stuff with her on in the UK.

Russian doll stacking teapot
Stacking Russian dolls teapot, isn’t it precious?

Kitty socks
Kitty cat socks from Might Soxer, a Japan spin-off chain of Tabio.

Japan travelog

Roppongi night

I’m back from Japan! It was – as expected – totally amazing. I’m still on comedown. It’s a bit overwhelming thinking of all the things we saw and did, but luckily I wrote a daily travelog out there to remind myself. I’ve just cobbled it all together into a website, so click onto if you want to have a look.

Japan travelog

I’m also slowly adding all my photos to Flickr – there are a LOT of them and I still have ten rolls of film to develop, too. I’m so happy with my E-P1, I love how all my digital photos turned out.

Tokyo blogging

A reminder if you’re interested in what I’m getting up to in Tokyo, to check out my photolog of the trip at I’m having SUCH an amazing time, tokyo is as incredible as I thought it would be. Taking tons of photos and writing up a massive diary which I’ll share when I get back.

Go east…

Photo: Rache555

It’s finally here, we’re off to Japan tomorrow! I have my geektastic Google map ready and stuffed full of amazing-sounding things to see and do (probably much too much to fit in), I’ve loaded my cameras with film and charged up the E-P1, and got my guidebooks and rail-passes packed.

I’m going to try and upload some bits and pieces while we’re there (at least in Tokyo where we get free internet, not sure about Kyoto). I’ve set up a Tumblr at should you wish to follow.

See you in 2 and a half weeks..!

Japan – booked!

Photo: Eric Testroete

I’m sooo excited. We just booked a two-week trip to Japan! We’ll have 9 days in Tokyo, then 6 in Kyoto, with a day trip to Osaka hopefully. In Tokyo, we’re staying in a great-looking serviced apartment in Shinjuku, and we’re going traditional in Kyoto and staying in a ryokan guesthouse. Sooooo excited as I’ve wanted to go to Japan for ages, so I’ve started gathering resources and must-see places together.

I bought the cute little zine and travel guide above from Asking for Trouble a little while ago, and I’m making my traditional holiday Google map – feel free to add your suggestions! I’m also excitedly watching this video over & over – might even try to make my own version over there.