• Recent sews and The Shop

    June 8th 2013 katie

    Firstly, thank you so much for all your comments and messages about Yoni. It was amazing to hear what a loved little cat he is from all corners of the internet, and hearing from you really did help me get through the days. He’s back home now, slowly getting used to normal life again with…

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  • South Bank, Trip-35

    May 7th 2013 katie

    I found these photos when I developed my film from Barbados. I think they’re from 2011 given that they’re of the South Bank’s Festival of Britain, which was that year. A little time capsule of summers past.

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  • Lichtenstein: A Retrospective at the Tate Modern

    February 20th 2013 katie

    Lucky me – the Tate Modern invited me to a press preview of their new Lichtenstein retrospective on Monday. He’s one of my favourite artists so it was quite a treat to get a quiet(er) viewing of the show before the crowds. Oh, and I was allowed to snap photos! Besides the comic-strip ‘war and…

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  • Recent Eats

    February 12th 2013 katie

    Feeling hungry? Time for a little round up of things I’ve been eating on my way round London lately… First up, Sweet Thursday, a new neighbourhood pizzeria not too far from me in De Beauvoir town. There’s a wine shop out front and a big clay oven out back: my kind of place. The pizza…

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  • Abney Park Cemetery

    January 21st 2013 katie

    More snow photos? Oh, go on then. We took a slightly bracing walk into Abney Park Cemetery yesterday – it’s basically on my doorstep and I’ve never visited it in seven years of living in the area. Shameful, as it’s really beautiful; ‘like Narnia’ as Josh put it. It’s much bigger than I thought, with…

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  • God’s Own Junkyard

    January 11th 2013 katie

    Sarah and I popped down to God’s Own Junkyard on Wednesday night, a fabulous pop-up collection of new and vintage neon signs, movie props and retro advertising signage on Beak Street, Soho. The curator/artist Chris Bracey collects junked signs from movie sets then repairs and resurrects them into brand new art pieces. The temporary exhibition/shop…

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  • North London wander

    October 1st 2012 katie

    We took a lovely long North London walk in the sun on Saturday. Here’s a little map of where we went, and Instagrammed-guide below. Kicked off with a hugenormous doorstop sourdough sandwich and tasty Nude flat white at the darling Maison D’Etre on Highbury Corner. From there we walked up Holloway Road, stopping at Ooh…

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  • Fifteen Street: video

    September 20th 2012 katie

    Last weekend we had a good day out at the Fifteen Street party in Hoxton. Lots of great truck food, rum, and ice cream = my idea of fun. Rather than just take photos, I challenged myself – at Josh’s suggestion – to put together a little video of the event. So here it is:…

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  • Olympic Park

    September 11th 2012 katie

    I almost went the entire summer without visiting Olympic Park, but I suppose it was inevitable that I’d find myself there at some point – and then only because Sidekick kindly bought us all tickets for Friday, the penultimate day of the Paralympics. I’m not really into any sport at all, but the Olympic Park…

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  • Ropewalk, SE1

    September 5th 2012 katie

    Well well, the area around Maltby Street near Bermondsey has certainly levelled up since the last time we visited. Now christened The Ropewalk, it’s more like a mini food market, with the suppliers in the archways spilling onto the narrow lane to feed the through traffic. From wine bars to coffee, cocktails and local cheeses,…

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  • That sports thing in London…

    July 28th 2012 katie

    It’s funny to think that Voldesport is taking place right now in the same London borough as me, about three miles away. I heard the fireworks from the opening ceremony last night before I saw them on TV! The spectacle of it all has left me pretty cold, but I have been enjoying getting into…

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  • Hackney Wick signage

    July 25th 2012 katie

    Spotted all this gorgeous, mysterious handpainted signage on the walk to Crate in Hackney Wick on Sunday… …A bit of research when I got home led me to discover that it was created by local artists Bread Collective. The murals honour the companies and industries that have been active in the area both past and…

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  • Saturday sun

    May 27th 2012 katie

    A pretty ideal sunny weekend in London: Courgette pizza from the amazing portable wood-fired pizza people Homeslice, who had parked up at Broadway’s Schoolyard market.. … followed by delicious coffee gelato from Chateaux Gelato‘s stall and a bask on the very-packed out London Fields. A bit of afternoon work getting the garden tidied up pre…

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