• Ghost signs & folk type

    March 5th 2011 katie

    I love spotting a nice bit of typography on the street, whether it be freshly hand-painted signage, some battered decaying advertisement, or a vintage relic ‘ghost sign’ sprawled over the side of a building. i’ll always snap a photo if I have my camera on me. Here’s a few I’ve spotted around where I live…

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  • Dinner at NOPI

    February 23rd 2011 katie

    Nopi is a new restaurant from the team behind the much-loved London chain Ottolenghi, headed up by chef and Guardian columnist Yotam Ottolenghi. Poke has designed both their websites, so it seemed right that a couple of us go check out the new venture… Located NOrth of PIccadilly (hence the name), Nopi is an all-day…

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  • Kinetica 2011

    February 6th 2011 katie

    Some photos and videos from the Kinetica art fair this weekend. I used a little CCTV lens on my E-P1 to take these, same as last year. Patrick Heide’s Tunnel View – what appeared to be a never-ending wormhole of twinkly colour-changing lights. Dancing Robot by GV Art A machine to replicate the finger-operated ‘singing…

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  • Quilted cushion

    January 29th 2011 katie

    Meet the fruits of my third class at The Make Lounge – a quilted log cabin cushion. Like the other classes I’ve done there, it was fun, relaxed and informative. The hardest part was choosing which fabrics to use – and sewing in a straight line after a glass or two of wine… I picked…

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  • Lisbon on film

    January 27th 2011 katie

    Last Lisbon post I promise: some 35mm photos, taken on my Olympus OM10. My old SLR’s getting a bit creaky – the advance mechanism jammed again and ruined another film (containing all the photos I took of the lovely resident cats at St Jorg castle, sob); I think he needs a service. It was very…

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  • Lisbon – eats and drinks

    January 26th 2011 katie

    A daily dose of cafĂ© and pastel de nata. Coffee in Lisbon is seemingly either this fluffy chocoloatey sundae-looking affair or a small, strong espresso. The best custard tart was of course from the famous Pastéis de Belém – eaten on the street from its paper bag, slightly warm. Portoguese tapas at Petiscaria Ideal: aubergine…

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  • Lisbon tiles

    January 24th 2011 katie

    Lisbon was a visual treat for a pattern field like me. Every other building in the compact, hilly city centre is covered in gorgeous tiles in every shade and motif combo – even the pavements are cobbled in intricate designs. I even picked up a couple from the flea market to bring home, which will…

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  • Collections

    January 22nd 2011 katie

    I’ve never particularly been one for collecting things in the past. Not to say I wasn’t a hoarder: I’d tend to buy pretty things indiscriminately, fall out of love with them over time, then have a mass purge of accumulated stuff in a fit of spring cleaning. But I’m learning how a carefully edited and…

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  • Lisbon – Hotel Estrela

    January 19th 2011 katie

    I’m back from a lovely birthday weekend in Lisbon. The weather was kind and we did an awful lot of wandering up and down the town’s hilly cobbled streets. We stayed at the Hotel da Estrela. Opened only last October, it’s housed in a historic palace in a pretty area just west of the city…

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  • Lisbon-bound

    January 4th 2011 katie

    So who else is loving being back at work today?! At least I have something to look forward to – just booked a long weekend in Lisbon for my birthday next week. We forwent a real holiday last year due to moving house so it will be nice to get away to slightly warmer climes…

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  • Japanese Shojin Ryori in London – and 20% off!

    November 8th 2010 katie

    Amazingly, it’s exactly a year since my amazing holiday to Japan – in fact today was our final day in Kyoto. Coincidentally, I just got an email from Atsuko, whose fantastic Japanese cooking course I attended earlier this year, to let me know about a week-long foody event she’s helping to organise. It’s a celebration…

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  • Barbican architecture tour

    October 25th 2010 katie

    We took a guided architecture tour of the Barbican estate at the weekend. Built in the 60s to provide post-war inner-city housing for the middle classes, it’s now home to 4,000 people – nearly half the population of the City of London borough. It’s perhaps now better known for the adjoining Arts Centre, opened in…

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  • Anti/Pro

    October 14th 2010 katie

    Pro or anti? New street art by Eine lining each side of Ebor St in East London. Share this entry with this shortURL: http://whatkatiedo.es/antipro

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