• London Restaurant Festival

    October 12th 2010 katie

    It’s London Restaurant Festival week: how very, very exciting! It’s basically a big love-in for eating out in London, with restaurants hosting special Festival menus (often at very reasonable prices for 2 or 3 courses) and other markets and events going on. There’s a food market in Spitalfields every day until Sunday (excluding Thursday). There…

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  • Weekend staycation: part 2

    October 4th 2010 katie

    Part 2 of my London Staycation weekend! On Saturday we wandered over to Portobello because we don’t often venture West. Had a peek at the market but it wasn’t much fun in the rain. We had lunch at Santo, a newish Mexican place at the top of Portobello Road – a really great mix ‘n’…

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  • Weekend staycation in London: part 1

    October 3rd 2010 katie

    Well, despite the near-constant rain we had a very fun staycation weekend. We kicked off on Thursday; after some drinks to see Nicky off to New Zealand, we grabbed a bite to eat at Chaat, a little Bangladeshi eatery on Redchurch Street. Unfortunately the food didn’t really live up to the tasty-sounding menu or convivial…

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  • London Staycation

    September 30th 2010 katie

    We’ve forgone a big summer holiday this year, but for good reason: we’re buying a house (about to exchange, finally!) and it’s sucking up all our time, effort and money – and sanity! It’s been nearly a year since Japan and our Berlin trip was only a long weekend, so we were in serious need…

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  • Open House: Village Underground

    September 22nd 2010 katie

    If you’ve ever walked down Great Eastern Street and seen these old train carriages suspended in the sky – here’s what they look like inside. We had a little tour of Village Underground last weekend, care of Open House – a brilliant initiative where interesting London buildings are open to the public for one weekend…

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  • Lassco – salvaged treasures

    August 16th 2010 katie

    After our West London jaunt last weekend, we went South this Sunday, to check out Lassco – a treasure trove of salvaged curios and antiques housed in an impressive Georgian mansion (albeit curiously positioned on a busy road junction surrounded by ugly tower blocks!). Poking around it is like being in a grand country house…

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  • The Old Cinema

    August 10th 2010 katie

    We headed out to West London on Sunday to visit Josh’s brother and his new flat; while out there we took a wander up to Chiswick and this gorgeous vintage furniture emporium, the Old Cinema. Housed in – guess what – an old cinema, it’s two huge floors of pure wonder containing everything from Edwardian…

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  • Japan videos

    July 27th 2010 katie

    I forgot until quite recently that I took a load of video footage on my E-P1 when we were in Japan last year. Josh is editing it all into a music video at the moment as he’s much more au fait with this kind of thing than me – my ‘skillz’ extend to a tiny…

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  • Berlin cycle tour

    June 24th 2010 katie

    We’re not usually the touristy-tour types, but were recommended the Fat Tire tours as a great way to see a lot of Berlin’s historic sites in one swoop. We took the tour on Monday afternoon when the scorching-hot weather was a bit more chilled out – not that it was a tough cycle as we…

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  • Berlin: Street Art

    June 18th 2010 katie

    Berlin is full of graffiti and street art. Most of the time it’s quantity over quality, with every building’s ground floor dabbed with tags and scribbles which just ruins the otherwise attractive townhouses. But there are several more organised areas where serious street artists go to work creating really interesting things. Tacheles is a huge…

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  • Berlin: Michelberger hotel

    June 14th 2010 katie

    We stayed at the Michelberger Hotel in Berlin, hopelessly attracted to the shabby-luxe decor exhibited on its strange animated website. Housed in an old factory building in the south-east Friedrichshain area of town, it’s budget-priced but super-stylish. Rooms range from the compact ‘Cosy’ to the larger ‘Luxe’ rooms, which are each done out in a…

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  • Berlin: food

    June 12th 2010 katie

    I had high hopes for eating in Berlin. Not, unfortunately, for traditional German food – all that bratwurst is no good for a veggie – but it’s famously a city that loves its long brunches and kaffee und kuchen breaks, as well as having a reputation for good Asian food including Thai and Vietnamese. I…

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  • Berlin

    June 10th 2010 katie

    Very much enjoyed my long weekend in Berlin. Just got my rolls of films back, here are a few snaps for a start. Keep an eye on my Flickr for lots more, and blog posts on Berlin’s food, street art and history coming soon..!

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