• Art in East London

    April 11th 2010 katie

    It seems to be a busy time of year for excellent art exhibitions in my neck of the woods. Despite them all being within walking distance of work I hadn’t visited any yet, so this gloriously sunny weekend we took ourselves off on a touristy tour of the East. We ended up wandering from Angel…

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  • Daytripping in Bristol

    March 23rd 2010 katie

    So we made it over to Bristol on Saturday to check out the Across the Way show, amongst all the other little recommendations you guys gave me (thank you!). Unfortunately the weather was overcast and drizzly so we didn’t really fancy doing much leisurely strolling or cider-drinking, but we fitted a fair bit in. We…

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  • Golden half – two cities

    November 23rd 2009 katie

    Sorry for the all the slightly self-indulgent photography posts lately – I just spent a fortune getting tons of films developed and now they’ve all been sent back. Much as I love the precision and control you get from digital photography, there’s nothing like the excitement of getting a roll of developed film back –…

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  • OM10 and Diana+ in Japan

    November 21st 2009 katie

    Here are yet more Japan photos, from my old Olympus OM10 camera. It’s so exciting getting old-skool films back in the post, and it brought back all the good memories of the trip looking through them. I was a bit distraught to find 2 of my 7 films had somehow got jammed and not advanced…

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  • Kawaii Japan goodies

    November 13th 2009 katie

    Shopping in Japan – especially Tokyo – was so immense. I’m going to be paying off my credit card until next year, but how could I fail to stock up on all this cute stuff? Sweet notebook Mini toy camera stickers, what could be cuter? More stickers. Can YOU understand this variation? Notepaper that folds…

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  • Japan travelog

    November 11th 2009 katie

    I’m back from Japan! It was – as expected – totally amazing. I’m still on comedown. It’s a bit overwhelming thinking of all the things we saw and did, but luckily I wrote a daily travelog out there to remind myself. I’ve just cobbled it all together into a website, so click onto katiedoesjapan09.blogspot.com if…

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  • Tokyo blogging

    October 25th 2009 katie

    A reminder if you’re interested in what I’m getting up to in Tokyo, to check out my photolog of the trip at katiedoesjapan.tumblr.com. I’m having SUCH an amazing time, tokyo is as incredible as I thought it would be. Taking tons of photos and writing up a massive diary which I’ll share when I get…

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  • Go east…

    October 20th 2009 katie

    Photo: Rache555 It’s finally here, we’re off to Japan tomorrow! I have my geektastic Google map ready and stuffed full of amazing-sounding things to see and do (probably much too much to fit in), I’ve loaded my cameras with film and charged up the E-P1, and got my guidebooks and rail-passes packed. I’m going to…

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  • Hello Kitty’s 35th birthday

    October 5th 2009 katie

    Aww, everyone’s favourite cute little white no-mouthed cat turns 35 this year! Check out this sweet animated video of her evolution (she hasn’t changed much, apart from the outfits). I’m still trying to convince Josh it’d be a great idea to visit her theme park Sanrio Puroland while we’re in Tokyo, although I guess a…

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  • Japan – booked!

    September 3rd 2009 katie

    Photo: Eric Testroete I’m sooo excited. We just booked a two-week trip to Japan! We’ll have 9 days in Tokyo, then 6 in Kyoto, with a day trip to Osaka hopefully. In Tokyo, we’re staying in a great-looking serviced apartment in Shinjuku, and we’re going traditional in Kyoto and staying in a ryokan guesthouse. Sooooo…

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  • Weekend in Amsterdam

    August 10th 2009 katie

    We spent last weekend taking little trip over to Amsterdam. It’s the perfect place for a weekend break – a super-quick 40 minute flight from our nearby City Airport, a quick train into town the other side and a stroll to the hotel from there. It’s a great city for exploring by foot (or more…

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  • Brussels pics from the Viv

    August 7th 2008 katie

    A few more Brussels pics from my beloved Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim camera. More on Flickr.

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  • Bruxelles

    August 4th 2008 katie

    Back from a gorgeously sunny long weekend in Brussels. In some ways Brussels reminds me of a much more compact London – the contrast of beautiful centuries-old buildings juxtaposed with streets of kebab shops and tacky souvenir places. We didn’t do an awful lot apart from walk around the cobbled streets, eat a lot, drink…

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