• Yosemite

    November 21st 2015 katie

    It was really like seeing two extremes of the States driving from Vegas to Yosemite. The transition from manmade to natural wonder, plus about a 30-degree change in temperature, was pretty crazy.

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  • Vegas, baby

    November 15th 2015 katie

    I’ve been off travellin’ again – on a bit of a US road trip which took in Las Vegas, Yosemite, Carmel and Los Angeles. Vegas was the first stop and in something of a shock to me, I LOVED it and the three days we scheduled to stop there was not enough time to see…

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  • Underground, overground

    October 2nd 2015 katie

    Wow, it’s been umm, 3 months? Sorry about that. It’s hard to actually remember what I’ve spent all summer doing – working, sewing, and sleeping probably sums it up – but I’ve been pretty lax in doing stuff and taking my camera out to document it.

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  • A caper to Cardiff

    June 23rd 2015 katie

    I spent a very lovely 24 hours in Cardiff with my mum this weekend! Honestly, I didn’t really know what to expect from Wales’ capital city but I was pleasantly surprised, and not just by the weather – check that perfect blue sky…

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  • Brooklyn Diary

    June 13th 2015 katie

    We were back in New York City for a little holiday last week. We had such a good time on our last trip that we basically booked almost the exact same trip to do it all again. We got an Airbnb a few streets down, re-hit some favourite spots, did the same old walk-eat-shop daily…

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  • The Life and Death of Paul Marrane

    May 6th 2015 katie

    On the rather soggy bank holiday Monday I was invited to take a trip into the world of A Door in a Wall, who put on immersive, interactive games set in real-world locations. Their latest production, The Life and Death of Paul Marrane, has just opened so I assembled a crack adventure team (um, my boyfriend…

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  • Back in Barbados

    February 10th 2015 katie

    Avert your eyes now if a bit of tropical sun is too painful to comprehend at this point of winter! Last week we scooted back out to Barbados for a little escape from January blues. (In case you’re wondering, the villa is in my mum’s side of the family so we’re lucky enough to get…

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  • 48 hours in Paris

    December 2nd 2014 katie

    We took a quick little hop over to Paris at the weekend, my main 30th birthday present to Josh. Unfortunately it coincided with us both being cripplingly ill with bad colds, so we kind of took it easy and spent most of the time near to our Airbnb in the Marais district. Luckily with St…

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  • Beyond Oaxaca

    November 16th 2014 katie

    The city of Oaxaca is nestled in a valley in the middle of Oaxaca state, an area not far off the size of England. In fairly close radius around the city are lots more towns and villages as well as some spectacular scenery and ruins, so we were able to take lots of day trips…

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  • Market day at Tlacolula

    November 10th 2014 katie

    Tlacolula is a city about a 20 minute drive from Oaxaca, famous for both its 16th century church and its huge Sunday market, to which thousands of people from the neighbouring towns and countryside flock. We took a cab out there the day after arriving in Oaxaca on Saturday night to check it out. The…

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  • Around Oaxaca

    November 8th 2014 katie

    After a week of scampering around the vastness of Mexico City, it was great to have a week in the much smaller and more relaxed city of Oaxaca to decompress a bit. Nearly 300 miles south of DF, Oaxaca is the calm, low-slung, cultural and historical yin to the capital’s busy, built-up, somewhat personality-less yang.…

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  • Coyoacán and Casa Azul

    November 3rd 2014 katie

    One of my favourite days in Mexico City was the day we spent in Coyoacán, a district to the south of our base in Condesa. It was quickly and easily accessed via the metro but offers a welcome wind-down from the dense city centre. I’d definitely recommend a trip there if you’re visiting D.F to…

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  • Mexico City: eats, drinks and markets

    November 2nd 2014 katie

    Obviously, one of our main reasons for visiting Mexico was for the food. London has some good Mexican places but I was really interested to see how the real stuff compares – and what actually constitutes a real Mexican dish and which are fake exports. I’m looking at you, burritos. In general we ate really…

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