• Wedding Dresses at the V&A

    May 5th 2014 katie

    I was treated to a preview of the V&A’s new Wedding Dresses 1775-2014 exhibition last week. It opened to everyone at the weekend, so here’s a peek at some of my favourite things on show. The ground floor charts dresses from the 18th century up to the mid-20th century. You can clearly see the styles…

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  • Boro at Somerset House

    April 12th 2014 katie

    Yesterday, a beautiful sunny spring day, Michelle and I went down to Somerset House to check out the Boro exhibition. To quote the website: Translated to ‘rags’ in English, boro is the collective name for items – usually clothing and bed covers – made by the poor, rural population of Japan who could not afford…

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  • Panama type

    March 26th 2014 katie
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  • Panama Day 5: Panama City, Casco Viejo

    March 19th 2014 katie

    Our last day in Panama with Air France and Enjoy Panama UK! Despite packing so much in that it felt like the trip had been five times longer than it was, the last day still came around too fast. We packed up one final time and said goodbye to the lovely Marriott and the Pacific…

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  • Panama Day 4: El Valle de Antón + Buenaventura

    March 17th 2014 katie

    We woke up at the Miramar Intercontinental on day 4 of our trip, feeling glad that the heavy travelling and sightseeing part of the trip was mostly over and the next few days would almost be a ‘holiday at the end of this holiday’ – a bit slower paced and more relaxing. I could actually…

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  • Panama Day 3: San Blas / Guna Yala

    March 14th 2014 katie

    After two long days with lots of travelling and sightseeing, this was the day of the trip I’d been looking forward to the most. The Guna Yala (previously San Blas) Islands lie off Panama’s northern coat in the Caribbean Sea and looked like a little slice of paradise: the archetypal tropical islands of white sand,…

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  • Panama Day 2: Railway, Canal, Portobelo

    March 13th 2014 katie

    We left Gamboa at the break of dawn to head to Corozal train station, where we would catch the Panama Canal Railway north to Colón. The train only leaves once a day at 7.15am so we left plenty of time to catch it. The train route runs parallel to the canal and Gatun Lake for…

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  • Panama Day 1 & 2: Embera & Gamboa

    March 11th 2014 katie

    Oh gosh. I don’t really even know where to begin writing about my trip to Panama with Air France and Enjoy Panama UK. It was simply amazing and exceeded all my expectations. It’s such a beautiful country and it was a pleasure to explore it with such a lovely team of people. Having said that…

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  • Panama: flying with Air France

    March 4th 2014 katie

    I’m in Panama! We’ve touched down less than 24 hours ago, but have done loads of stuff already and experienced the extremes of Panama weather – from 36-degree sun to torrential rain. I thought I’d just post quickly about the flight itself, since it’s Air France who so kindly sent me on this trip. Since…

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  • Panama-bound

    February 27th 2014 katie

    I know it seems like I just got back from holiday, but I’m off again soon – to Panama! Even better, this time it’s care of Air France-KLM, who are sending me to create some blog posts and photos to mark their new routes from Europe to Panama. I didn’t know much at all about…

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  • Tel Aviv Day 3 & 4

    February 15th 2014 katie

    We got back into Tel Aviv in time for dinner, and hungry after a long day exploring Jerusalem and the Dead Sea, so after a quick hotel pit stop we wandered back out again. We found Cafe 48 not far away. As as browsed the menu at the door, a couple sitting inside told us…

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  • Jerusalem and the Dead Sea

    February 9th 2014 katie

    We’re not usually the package-tour types on holiday, but with such a short stay we decided that doing an organised group daytrip to see Jerusalem and the Dead Sea would be the only way to fit them in. We booked with Viator because they pick up and drop off from your hotel in Tel Aviv…

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  • Tel Aviv Day 1 & 2

    February 6th 2014 katie

    Shalom! For my birthday present from Josh this year we decided to get a bit of winter sun and headed to Tel Aviv, Israel, for a long weekend. It’s right in between a short- and long-haul flight length from the UK at about five hours, and appealed to us as a beachside city with great…

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