• Exploratorium and Musee Mecanique, San Francisco

    January 26th 2012 katie

    Yes, my holiday to San Fran was officially LIGHT YEARS ago but this is the very last batch of photos. Josh insisted we go to the Exploratorium – a museum squarely aimed at children, with tons of interactive displays about science, perception, illusions and so on. OK, I admit it, it was actually pretty fun…

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  • Golden Gate park

    January 10th 2012 katie

    Nearly done with the SF posts now! An afternoon walk in Golden Gate Park, featuring a cheeky squirrel friend and some unusual blooms..

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  • San Fran lomo

    January 5th 2012 katie

    Would you believe I still have a ton of photos I haven’t blogged from San Francisco, back in November? I’ll start with these crazy colourful ones taken on my Olympus OM10 with Lomography special-effects film (the red ones are Redscale and the pink ones are Tungsten). Not forgetting the now-customary ruined multiple-exposure films, thanks to…

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  • Shopping in San Fran

    December 16th 2011 katie

    We got pretty lucky with the area of SF we stayed in: it was near lots of lovely streets full of shops and restaurants, as well as being adjacent to Japantown and not too far from both the coast and downtown. A little map I drew above, and here are snaps of some of the…

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  • hello, Hello Lucky!

    December 4th 2011 katie

    My favourite shop visit in SF had to be popping into the HQ of letterpress studio Hello Lucky and seeing their lovely team at work. We saw the huge vintage letterpress machines in action downstairs… …before heading upstairs to see the in-house design and customer service team at work. We were shown some of their…

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  • SF: Dinners & drinks

    November 28th 2011 katie

    Back to San Fran posts, even though the holiday feels like a long time ago now… A large part of our reason for visiting SF was the food and drink – it’s known for great Mexican food as well as a thriving microbrewery scene and of course the local Napa Valley wines. All my favourite…

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  • Cycling the Golden Gate bridge

    November 22nd 2011 katie

    We cycled across the Golden Gate Bridge on a delightfully sunny day, with no sign of the famous fog. Photos taken on OM10 with Lomography Tungsten film We picked up the bikes at Fisherman’s Wharf, which would be a lovely scenic spot with its piers and still-active fishing boats, if it hadn’t been overridden with…

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  • San Fran signage

    November 20th 2011 katie

    I love me some classic Americana typography, so all the signage around SF was a treat to photograph. And it’s even prettier all lit up in neons by night.

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  • Brunch & coffee

    November 17th 2011 katie

    Where better to start talking about San Francisco than with breakfast? There’s a real brunch culture in SF, with nearly every cafe on our nearby Fillmore Street full to bursting with chatting couples or people on their laptops come 9am (for some reason our body clocks became attuned to getting up pretty early every day,…

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  • Walking San Francisco

    November 15th 2011 katie

    Here’s a first few photos from San Francisco. I always think the best way to get to know a city is to walk its streets, and even though everyone said ‘Hire a car!’ I’m glad we didn’t. If nothing else, we walked off all the pancakes and tacos hiking up and down its steep streets,…

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  • Hello SF

    November 9th 2011 katie

    Having so much fun in San Francisco. Sun, flea markets, Mexican food and craft beers on tap? Yes please. I might not come home… A few insta-snaps above, you can follow my pics here if you like. And of course there’ll be loads more photos and blog posts to come on my return.

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