Hi, Iโ€™m Katie ๐Ÿ‘‹

I'm a London-based product manager with a design and leadership background and particular interest in sustainability, fashion tech and generally leaving the planet better than I found it. I love to drive collaborative cross-functional teams and aim to provide the context, data and insights they need to make the best product decisions. Check out what I've done below.


Senior Product Manager

Unmade aims to shift the fashion industry by allowing customers to create and purchase exactly what they want before itโ€™s made, using an automated design and manufacturing pipeline. I am responsible for making sure we make the right product decisions to satisfy our existing and new brand partners and to ensure that Unmade creates a forward-looking, robust and market-driven Saas product to allow the company to scale sustainably and keep innovating.

Key achievements:


Head of Design

Mastered runs professional online learning programs for the fashion and beauty industries, incorporating video and written content, high-touch personal mentorship and feedback, and a series of live events. I led on concepting, designing and delivering iterations on the core online learning platform, bringing together content, marketing and engineering to create a transformative, user-centred experience.

Key achievements:

Sidekick Studios

Lead Product Designer

At product studio Sidekick we helped large organisations get ideas off the ground using lean agile methodologies. I worked within small multidisciplinary teams to concept, design, test and ship new products to fix internal or customer problems.

Key projects:

Freelance / Contract

UX/UI Product Designer

I had a varied and interesting period as a freelance contractor, delivering UX/UI and product design to a range of organisations, startups and product studios.

Key projects: