• Wouldn’t it be Clovelly?

    July 25th 2013 katie

    While in Devon, I pestered my parents to drive us somewhere new – funny, as a kid it was always me doing the grumbling about car rides – and I picked Clovelly somewhat randomly from a guidebook. It’s about an hour’s drive from Lee on Devon’s north-west coast, past Appledore and Westward Ho! (Doesn’t this…

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  • Devon

    July 23rd 2013 katie

    This weekend I took my third consecutive family trip to Devon. It was my granddad’s 90th birthday so a nice excuse to get away together and visit him. It helped that it was one of the warmest weekends in recent memory so a great time to get some fresh sea air. This time we stayed…

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  • Grey beach, bright flowers

    November 4th 2012 katie

    Go to Devon in October, expect greyness and rain. The beach is still pretty stunning, though. Hidden colours and textures in the rock Dogs don’t care about rain… … Katie does At least the hillside flowers give a splash of colour

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  • Old books

    November 2nd 2012 katie

    It’s now becoming an annual thing for my family to have a little getaway to Devon. The house – and weather – this year wasn’t as nice as last time, but I did love this dusty old bookcase filled with some unusual titles… More photos soon

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  • More Devon: Lee, Lynton, Lynmouth

    August 2nd 2011 katie

    The village of Lynmouth Just down the coast from Lee, the twin villages of Lynton and Lynmouth are a little touristy, but rather pretty all the same. Lots of pubs, chippies and ice cream shops so at least you won’t starve… Cliff railway from Lynmouth to Lynton Built in the late 19th century to link…

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  • North Devon weekend

    July 31st 2011 katie

    Last weekend, we went over to North Devon for a long weekend break with my family. My mum’s from that corner of the country and my grandad’s lived in the tiny coastal village of Lee for as long as I can remember. In fact it’s barely even a village: just a stretch of cottages, a…

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