• Back in Barbados

    February 10th 2015 katie

    Avert your eyes now if a bit of tropical sun is too painful to comprehend at this point of winter! Last week we scooted back out to Barbados for a little escape from January blues. (In case you’re wondering, the villa is in my mum’s side of the family so we’re lucky enough to get…

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  • Barbados bits and bobs

    April 9th 2013 katie

    I totally lied when I said I was done with Barbados posts. Sorry. At least it’s a bit warmer in the UK now, so looking over holiday snaps doesn’t feel so painful. I knocked together the video above from the clips I took on my camera. The speeded-up timelapse sunsets are my favourite part! I…

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  • Barbados wildlife reserve

    April 1st 2013 katie

    You’ll be pleased to hear that this pretty much is my last holiday post! Sorry if it got a bit dull, but I wanted all the memories for myself in one place as much as anything. One of the biggest highlights of the holiday for me was visiting the wildlife reserve on our last full…

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  • Harrison’s Cave, Barbados

    March 29th 2013 katie

    Harrison’s Cave is a limestone cavern in the geographical middle of Barbados, formed as the island itself was made – by tectonic and volcanic action – about 60,000 years ago. It was discovered as early as the 18th century, but only excavated and turned into a tourist attraction in the 1970s. Set in botanical gardens,…

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  • Oistins fish fry

    March 27th 2013 katie

    We spent a fun Friday night in Barbados down at the coastal town of Oistins for its famous Fish Fry night market. It’s undeniably a big tourist draw – we could follow the hoards of white/burnt shoulders to find it – but there were plenty of locals down as well, and it felt like a…

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  • Sailing and snorkelling

    March 24th 2013 katie

    I think everyone’s highlight of our holiday was the day when we went out on a catamaran for a day of sailing and snorkelling. After a lot of researching all the different operators we went for Good Times cruises and I think we made the right choice. The crew were delightful, the large boat comfortably…

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  • Saint Nicholas Abbey – rum tour

    March 21st 2013 katie

    A fun day out in Barbados was visiting Saint Nicholas Abbey, a working rum distillery and sugar plantation, set next to a grandly restored plantation house. It’s set in a pretty flower and herb garden and looks onto a tropical forest. You can only poke around a few rooms of the house, but it was…

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  • Around Barbados: coasts, townhouses & type

    March 19th 2013 katie

    Sorry for the delay between posts – I had an epic iPhoto-related disaster at the weekend. All I can say is never upgrade to iPhoto 11, unless you’d like all your photos completely erased without warning. Lightroom all the way from now on. Anyway… One of the big bonuses of having this holiday with my…

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  • Back from Barbados

    March 13th 2013 katie

    Back to chilly old London! Barbados more than surpassed my expectations: we had such a brilliant time exploring, relaxing, and generally seeing what the sunny island had to offer. For an absolute non-beach-holiday-goer I might just be converted. Here are a few initial highlights, and I have a ton more posts coming up with some…

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