• A glacier walk

    May 11th 2018 katie

    It’s fair to say that walking a glacier in Iceland is up there with truly epic holiday experiences past, like floating in the Dead Sea or hanging out on a petrified waterfall. The textures – slippery ice with soft, marbled in azure and soot from the 2010 volcanic eruption – the visible sights of climate…

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  • Iceland Day 2: Snæfellsnes peninsula

    October 1st 2017 katie
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  • Iceland day 1

    September 20th 2017 katie

    It’s been quite a strange sort of summer for me. I’ve been off work for the longest period since graduating ten years ago; partly by accident – a contract finishing unexpectedly early – but I wasn’t exactly complaining. Josh said ‘it’s the happiest you’ve seemed in ages’ and it was indeed the most blissful sort…

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